Wild morning so far…

Ok so we started our day at 1am this morning.  I had one shot at making this delivery on time. We fueled, grabbed coffee,  then made our way out of the truckstop to the interstate.  A thunderstorm rolled in literally minutes earlier.  We made our way through the darkness of night, dodged the rain drops, and special fog fighting gear. Up and down the mountains we rolled. No Road Crew around since I wasn’t broadcasting in that area due to very spotty signal.  We pulled into the Flying J truckstop in Ft Chiswell,  Virginia for coffee.  While pouring a cup I overhead a trucker and store cashier talking about the cops should arrive to get the trucker that parked in the fuel island to move. Apparently,  he got fuel, pulled forward,  then went inside. Not just to pay for fuel, but he was in the store playing video games for an hour! He was asked to move from the fuel island but he refused.  Guess the cops will straighten him out. Talk about inconsiderate!!

So we started broadcasting from that truckstop and made our way to deliver.  We were really doing pretty good for actually arriving on time. As we got closer to Charleston,  morning rush hour had started and heavy construction brought everything to a crawl. We finally arrived about 20 minutes late but they still accepted me. So, we roll up to our loading dock and right where I need to back into, another trucker hit the truck next to him. The guy who was at fault was bobtail!!  So, they get things squared away then another trucker took 25 minutes to back into the same sipot that the bobtail truck hit.  That driver then hit and backed into the poor fellas door while he was away doing accident paperwork from the bobtail!!  So, after that mess was cleared, guess what? My door was on the otherside of the poor trucker that got hit not once, but twice, just a few minutes ago! He gave me the dirtiest look you could imagine.  It is very tight between trucks here with about a foot between mirrors which means you better be lined up perfectly straight before backing in. I maneuvered into position.  I know every trucker on this side of the building was watching me lol. But, I lined up perfect, moved very slowly to correct as needed, and got it perfectly aligned in the door without a single pull-up. Two truckers, one of them being the poor guy already hit, shook my hand that I did it right, did it slow, and told me they were happy to see somebody knows how to drive! It did make me feel very good and put a smile on my face.

When we get done here, we will pretty much be done until tomorrow.  We started so very early and our hours are all strange because of two days in a row of split sleeper rule usage. Besides,  at this point, I’m gonna relax!!

I just got a glimpse of our next trip….both you and I are gonna love it!! Trip mileage will probably rank in the top 5 ever for us!