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Discord and notes

Howdy and welcome to Columbus, Ohio where we just dropped our load and are done for the day. I will post the next trip in a few minutes and will go pick it up Sunday morning, drive the entire trip, and drop it as soon as we reach the final destination.

There have been numerous folks that have requested we get Discord so that they can chat 24/7/365, even when we aren’t broadcasting. We will still have YouTube chat during broadcasts, and you do NOT have to chat or use Discord if you do not want to – it is available for those that choose to make use of it. There are several rooms including the general lobby. You can also talk about, and keep track of all the food talk and recipe exchanges in the food room. For all those with pets that want to show pics of their animals, then you can check out the floof room. You can direct message your favorite friends as well with our Discord. You are free to invite folks if you would like. This is just another way to keep in touch while we are off the air.

7 thoughts on “Discord and notes

  1. I definitely think regardless of what Zelda recommends that Steve should on the delivery run take US 62 west + OH 161 west + I-270 south into Columbus + US 33 east into West Virginia and get on I-77 south to rejoin the route he took the last time he did this run last November. TruckRouter claims this route is 24.5 miles shorter 13 minutes faster than the route Steve took in November which included I-70 east. Besides, Steve hit some debris and lost a trailer tire and had to pay a fine when he went on I-70 east on the way to Gordonsville, VA last November.

    1. I hope Steve’s company doesn’t require him to have a fuel stop that requires him to take I-70 east.

    2. Don’t forget that Steve was using a Super Single trailer. That caused major problems for him. Thankfully the repair man also had to deal with a bonehead trucker who destroyed his/her right steer tire and rim and had to be towed.

  2. Thanks for getting Discord up and running….its great to chat there while you aren’t driving

  3. Can someone please give me the link for Discord, I can’t find it under BRT or Big Rig Travels 🙁

  4. Look above.. there is a display of discord… click where it says ‘connect’ at the bottom right hand corner

    1. Yes, if you can read, you have a clear advantage 😉 Thanks for the answer 🙂

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