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Daily Summary of 6/14/2024

Coolest way to start your weekend

Big Rig Steve officially done at 17:13 EDT safely parked near Allenstown, Pennsylvania Travel Plaza.  BRS says “We got here just in the nick of time…This is one of those areas that is tough for parking, if we have to pay, be it so then.” 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began at 7:13 EDT near Ashland, VA.  BRS: “Alright, ready to go? Lights on”.  Allergies have been extreme since arriving here.  BRS: “Hey you know what’s good about Big Rig Travels? Coolest way to start your weekend”  We will be continuing our trip to Pottsville, PA on I-95 north with clear skies and sunshine.

Tree discussion at 7:30 EDT near Doswell, VA.  Tune in for details.

He gets stuck in a traffic slowdown near Woodbridge, VA  Somebody scrunched on the other side at 8:45 EDT near Lorton, VA.

Rolling on to the outer beltway, I-495 at 8:59 EDT near North Springfield, VA.

Another slowdown at 9:06 EDT near Annandale, VA as Steve points out ambulance entering on the right.

“OK welcome to Maryland” at 9:23 EDT near Bethesda.

BRS points out that”Baby Bemer” at 9:38 EDT “never seen one of them before” near Germantown, MD.

Welcome to Pennsylvania near fairfield at 10:28 EDT.

Road crew at 10:57 EDT on the right waving road crew flag near Dillsburg, PA.

Stopped at 11:59 EDT near Jonestown, PA at the Love’s for coffee exchange and “Free M&M’s and made it it out before Prime.” Rolling on i-81.

“Alrighty, time for you all to pick up your toys…We do have our next trip” at 12:49 EDT as we arrive in Pottsville, PA.  Arrival 7 minutes before we can get in the gate at 12:53 EDT.  Broadcast ended as no filming allowed.

At 17:01 EDT broadcast resumes and we have a I-78 rainy drive.

Near Lenhartsville, PA Zelda makes herself be heard around 17:13. 

Numbers:  5 miles 8 km to shipper.  We covered 322 miles 518 km rolling out of Virginia and into Pennsylvania plus a delivery.  “We did pretty good.”

Clocks: 3:45 hours on 11 hr,  3:17 hours on 14 hr,  21:05 hours on 70 hr.  Do not gain back hours tomorrow morning.

No alarm clock ⏰ tomorrow.   At this time, we have a preloaded trailer scheduled to be ready at 7:00 EDT on Sunday morning with a Monday morning delivery, given that timing will have a 34 hours restart, but everything subject to change, stay tuned for 6/15/24 daily summary.  Choose the BRT YouTube channel alarm bell to receive notifications for the start of our broadcast. Check out Bigrigtravels Road Crew facebook page to see pictures captured from other road crew.

Welcome to the constantly growing Big Rig Travels family. Big Rig Steve is glad to have you as part of the family.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

Welcome to Pennsylvania

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about todays broadcast. 

Yes, if you have missed today you can replay some or all of today’s trip. Choose the YouTube channel icon at the bottom of the page on Bigrigtravels website and while you’re at the website check out the BRT store for BRT merchandise. 

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