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Daily Summary for 5/8/2023

Big Rig Steve according to the live 24/7 snowman camera on the website shows the Blue Comet aka  “Bobtail bob” is safely parked at ❤️ near Jonestown, Pennsylvania. 

Title: Weekend is over, back on the road again 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 9:31 EDT at Loves near Staunton, Virginia. With Fresh coffee, we rolled up the ten miles of beautiful sunny backroads to the shipper.

Camera was flipped to BRS viewing mode for picking up the trailer at the shipper. No issues, we rolled back to the Loves to access the Cat Scale at 10:25 EDT. We are legal. Now on to I-81 northbound.

12:15 EDT Welcome to West Virginia sign greeted  us near Bunkerhill, WV

12:39 EDT Welcome to Maryland near Williamsport, MD. BRS noted it’s been some time since we have been in this state.

12:51 EDT Welcome to Pennsylvania, our fourth state for the day. BRS noted that in Pennsylvania every rest area is a potential mass/weigh station.

14:05 EDT we exited I-81 near Harrisburg, PA to the Flying hook to park, while BRS messaged the bosses about delivering early. Yes, we have been approved to proceed to delivery. So we topped off the refer fuel ⛽️ tank and grabbed fresh coffee. 

Arrived at receiver near Palmyra, PA, BRS flipped camera to British mode to complete the drop of the trailer. The empty that was picked up had issues with oil leaking from refer engine.  

BRS headed back towards the yard near Jonestown, PA to drop the trailer for repair.  We received approval for just that to Steve’s surprise about half way on the way back to the yard. 

Broadcast day ended at 16:36 EDT as we closed in on the yard. BRS advised to watch the website and twitter for status updates. 

Numbers were not addressed, we did cover advertised 240 miles 384 km including the four states Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, into Pennsylvania. We had fresh 70 hr clock after the weekend of waiting. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels 

Welcome to Pennsylvania 

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