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Daily Summary for 5/29/2023

Big Rig Steve safely parked at shipper near Niles, Illinois officially done for the 10:32 CDT.

First day of Season Five for Big Rig Travels.

Title: Starlink Mobile First Broadcast 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 8:46 CDT at  BRT World Headquarters after time of the truck.

We rolled back on to the big road I-90 eastbound towards Chicago but with a new internet 🛜 connection onboard. Yes Big Rig Steve had completed the installation of Starlink mobile antenna and equipment on the Blue Comet. 

Yes, BRS advised that if you’re looking for perfect you’re going to be disappointed. We are in testing mode and the goal is as always improving technology for a “Better than what we had” broadcast. 

We arrived at shipper and were backed into a door at 10:23 CDT. 

Numbers: 62 miles 99 km covered today in Illinois. Clocks: 66:55 hours remaining on our fresh 70 hr clock. Updated

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome to Chicago metropolitan area. 

Please post comment on today’s travel and the debut of Starlink mobile for Big Rig Steve.

9 thoughts on “Daily Summary for 5/29/2023

  1. WOW!! apparently the delay also has left Ric Rac rusty also lol!! I would have thought that Steve showing up at load site expecting them to load him as had been tod at scheduling time and to arrive and is closed for holiday?? okay Ric Rac also typed in prefect warm obviously meat==perfect -but very minor glitch!! As old saying==to err is human to forgive is devine=so i declare saith hoo lol!! Okay so hopefully today will be the new day to hopefully have the wonders of Star Link bust out in all the technological advancements for BRT!!

  2. Enjoyed the short trip on Memorial Day! The picture quality was fine and yes it buffered at overpass just a bit but I am not complaining. We can’t expect the first day to be of WGN quality just yet as it took them time to work out the kinks too. I am just glad to see you up and running. He who expects perfection will never see perfection. THANKS FOR THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS!

  3. My apologies to Ric Rac!! As i just reviewed my comments i saw where my mistakes were greater then any i had detected for Ric Rac having done!! Apologize to Ric Rac and just want them to know i deeply appreciate all their efforts in compiling Daily Summery!! Blessings my wish for all!!

  4. You will have to depend on cell service for the foreseeable future. The Starlink frequency to/from the satellites is in the ‘C’ band or “S” band of what is essentially RADAR FREQUENCIES that DON’T penetrate heavy cloud cover, with or without an associated heavy storm. JUST HEAVY MOISTURE LADEN CLOUDS. Communication with the satellites could be spotty or non-existent at best.

    1. Also heavily forested areas likely will not work for Starlink. Maybe Steve can try Starlink again in 720 mode out west. Good examples are US 89 north of Flagstaff, US 93 in Nevada, or US 97 north of the Columbia in Washington State.

  5. Please forward the previous comment to Steve as it is a day behind.

    1. Lee-ca
      Steve reads all comments even if posting on a previous day summary. Comments are automatically posted to Steve
      Thank for your feedback Ric-Rac

  6. Sorry, I should have researched this better. Starlink actually uses X-band thru Ku-band frequencies which are about 10.1 GHz up beyond 18 GHz none of which is very good for penetrating heavy moisture laden atmospherics.

  7. Sooo==best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray??? No associations intended to any being lol

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