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Daily Summary for 5/16/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day 18:56 EDT at service plaza near West Unity, Ohio.

Title: Finally working our way back home 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 12:51 EDT at  I-80 service plaza near Broadview Heights, Ohio.

BRS started the day with massive headache. Allergens been sky high. 

We needed to do some backtracking to the shipper. Steve also advised that today was the first day of national inspections for trucks. 

13:45 EDT we had Road Crew meet up in the middle of the road near the entrance to the shipper. Steve doesn’t need to flip camera as we complete the trailer drop. Our preload trailer is in the dock to be ready at 15:00 EDT. 

BRS Bobtail bobs to nearby parking across from McDonald’s to wait and chat with the BRT RC YouTube chat until it’s time to pickup the trailer.

16:00 EDT rolling out of the shipper with the load eastbound I-80 Ohio turnpike. 

16:24 EDT BRS witnessed a big rig in the hammer lane almost rear ended a patrol car. Ya buddy. 

18:00 I-80 near Perry, OH we finally find a Cat Scale to confirm that “we are legal, whoo hoo”.

We cannot unload early, so BRS is saving some driving for tomorrow. We will play it by ear whether we can make it home to Belvidere BRT  World Headquarters tomorrow night after unloading. 

Numbers: 310 miles 498 km to delivery, live unload 20:00 CDT tomorrow evening,  215 miles 346 km covered today including drop and hook at shipper. Clocks 6:27 hours on the 11 hr, 7:29 hours on the 14 hr , 63:36  hours on 70 hr.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome to Ohio. 

5 thoughts on “Daily Summary for 5/16/2023

  1. The way things have been going lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if the DOT flags him, he ends up failing inspection, and has to drop the load in Columbus.

  2. Oh what a receive it is that Steve finally finally finally got back on the road!@!! Am also so relieved that Ric-Rac did not lose their skill to report summmery due to rust!! Also report of big rig almost ramming rear end of Trooper reminds me off a bumper sticker i once saw on rear of vehicle===Watch My Rear ==== Not Hers Lol all right silly of me but just way of expressing love for Steve and all of BRT Crew and all that this entails!! Wish all blessings!!!

  3. I’m wondering how Steve cooks in the truck. The fact he prepares his own food and “eats in” was something I didn’t know. How does Steve provide power to his freezer in the truck?


      Leanne Henry try above link Steve has videos about the freezer in the truck and cooking videos on the food he prepared for his trips

  4. A large delivery warehouse in Oconomowoc, WIsconsin doesn’t allow the use of cameras other than their own cameras. I got this information from JBG Travels.

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