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Daily Summary for 3/19/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done driving for the day at 15:28 MDT safely parked at 3,665 ft elevation in northern California. Watch party began with beautiful views of the snow covered mountain. 

Title: Cloudy wet day in sunny California?

Broadcast day started 9:28 PDT cloudy and damp conditions near Lathrop, California as Big Rig Steve rolled on to I-5 northbound. 

We stop at the pilot near French Camp, CA to visit the Cat scale to check mass/weight. Rolled out at 9:52 PDT after BRS adjusted trailer tandems to get legal, just barely. BRS advised “we are going to be heavy heavy going through the mountains”.

11:11 PDT BRS describes a story of an oversize load in Connecticut that was fined for going over a bridge with overweight oversized load. 

Stopped at Loves near Willams, CA fresh coffee at 11:57 PDT.

12:15 PDT fuel mileage was discussed at going 55-56 mph (vs 62 or 65 mph) and getting an excellent average of 9.7 miles per gallon currently.

Near Redding, CA rain was heavier affecting visibility. The reservoir’s water level was much better as Steve went across than the last time we crossed, Steve noted. 

We started increasing elevation and the BC was working hard. 

We arrived for a break at 15:28 PDT with a view of mountains as the sunshine broke out. After the microphone was unplugged static ceased instantly.  Seagulls were also hanging out here. BRS conducted a poll on whether to stay here or roll on north. Yep, we stayed with the view. 

Numbers 286 miles 460 km to go to delivery appointment which is not until 18:30 PDT tomorrow. He cannot deliver the live unload early. 293 miles 471km covered today including picking up the trailer load. Clocks: Hours on the 70 hour clock when we started today and hours gained back tomorrow: 18:08 hrs and 05:10 hrs 

No alarm clock tomorrow morning. Website 24/7 snowman cam will be live overnight. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

Welcome to northern California

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Thanks Steve and Team!
    Have a Blessed week.

  2. WOW another very fine Ric- RAC up hilts report!! Pulitzer still possibility!! Now i must back off on 2million mile celebration bash!! Calculations have made me realize that mile stone still way way off to later this year if even then!! So marching band confetti celebrities presence call from president still way off to future!! But committee needed to keep all this on back burner!! Okay all this nonsense generated to show love of all BRT WORD and Steve is the==BEST!!!

  3. Thanks for the update!

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