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Daily Summary for 3/17/2023

Big Rig Steve broadcast day ended safely arriving with Blue Comet “Viper Blue” for 100,000 miles service at 8:50 PDT

Title: St.Patrick /Truck maintenance day

Broadcast day began 7:06 PDT In Sacramento California. BRS rolled out of the lot as a beautiful sunrise was occurring through the palm trees as we left to return to I-80 southbound.

Steve advised that his trailer load locks are safely secured to rack on the back of BC. Freaky Friday was helping to cause light traffic today as we rolled towards I-5

BRS pointed out the perfect time for screen photo of downtown Sacramento, CA as sunrise reflected. 

First stop was to resolve the low fuel issue at Flying hook in Lodi, CA. fuel along with cleaning up windshield  and then coffee. BRS rolled back on the road 8:15 PDT and advised that at this point 10:59 hours remaining on 70 hr clock and unsure how many hours back tomorrow.  (Guessing that based on eight days ago should be approximately 8 hours back tomorrow).

Yes, Steve was in good mood and his takes on what he sees while traveling make BRT must watch programing. For example what occurred at 8:22 PDT in Stockton. BRS pointed out three buildings with businesses next to each other on the right side of the BC. Steve said “Mercedes Benz, McDonald’s and Advent Health, those three are definitely good to be together after you paid for your Mercedes Benz repair you might have a heart attack, or you eat the Big Mac heart attack, you might have a heart attack. Either way, you got the hospital right there. I think that’s a good deal” . 

Numbers for today: 60 miles 96 km covered from Sacramento to maintenance stop. 

Watch the website status bar for updates and postings of next trip. 

Enjoy another day in sunny California