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Daily Summary for 3/16/2023

Big Rig Steve safely arrived at receiver with onsite parking for the night at after mashing it with the Blue Comet on rodeo rough roads the last two days to make delivery on time. 18:00 PDT broadcast ended as BRS moved BC into the gates for the live off load. 

Title: Cowboy Big Rig Steve 🤠

Jurupa, California 7:23 PDT was starting location for BRT broadcast day. Yes, secret location was used for parking 18 minutes prior to  70 hours pumpkin 🎃 clock running out. Los Angeles area traffic proved to be the norm today.

Castaic, CA 10:30 PDT rolled in to the Pilot for fuel stop as BC had been stretched by running on fumes. 

BRS continued on I-5 northbound through the beautiful grapevine (yes, it had recently been closed due to winter weather) greened up for spring on this beautiful day. Steve pointed out serval opportunities for great photographs to be taken.  Our tour guide was sharing his excellent photography skills of knowing where to get the best images. 

Big Rig Steve advised near Firebaugh, CA at 14:11 PDT on I-5 “Welcome to California suspension testing area”. Yes, BRS Rodeo riding skills were needed today. 

Near Santa Nella, CA BRS stopped for required 30 minute break at Loves 14:11 PDT

Rolling through beautiful sunny downtown Sacramento, CA at 17:11 PDT, BC low fuel warning light was illuminating. 17:21 PDT BRS had a question for the BRT Road Crew as what is the purpose of the double stickers on back of many of the EV vehicles. Several RC members in BRT YouTube chat noted the answer was for allowing them to drive in the HOV lanes.

As BRS arrived at delivery, he flipped the camera to Australian mode as we drove into the receiver. After flipping us back we had large beautiful lot for BC to park for the night after delivery completed.  

Steve went to check in and returned at 17:47 PDT and advised we were all checked in. BRS noted, “nice people here”. Apparently smiles, no frowns here. 

Numbers 0 miles 0km  to delivery. We covered 435 miles 700 km as we moved north up through California valley. Clocks 1:45 hours on the 11 hr, 2:55 hours on the 14 hr, 1:01 hours on the 70 hr. Gain back 12:28 hours tomorrow. 

Shop day tomorrow. Appointment in the morning back down in Lathrop, CA so plan is to broadcast the short trip. Be ready to jump on the BC for the ride tomorrow. 

No snowman camera due to being on property overnight. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome to capital city Sacramento, California! 

3 thoughts on “Daily Summary for 3/16/2023

  1. And yet another funtastic recap.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful recap!

  3. WOW another pulitzer type reporting story!! Now do have asuggestion to enhance rodeo type driving experiences!! When Steve hits really bad pot hole just to accentuate the moment–Steve should be seated on whopee cushion as to enhance the drastic pot hole impact experienced by Blue Coment==viper blue Truck!! Also on agenda is the 2million miles mile stone waiting with bated breath to achieve in very near future!@! When mileage mark is very close map out except mile post and have celebration crew on hand!! Instant achieve 2 million milestone truck pars off to side band starts playing confetti to be releases celebrities give speeches take call from president==yes even him=yhen most of all present life time awards of cheetoes ice cream and frog legs oh==also let Steve give us his response !! All this is done with attempt to show love for Steve and For all you wonderful Crew!! Blessings to ALL !!!

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