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Daily Summary for 3/15/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day 20:34 PDT clocks stopped safely parked found the secret hideout for the night as 70 hours clock was down to:18 minutes. Long day today, 13 hours.

Title: Hey did you miss me (yes, BRS we did)

Big Rig Travels broadcast day started 8:16 AZ time at Danny’s Big Rig Resort ( insert caption of the Blue Comet hanging out near the spa tub ) in Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, Danny has an angle to get big rigs in to the resort by offering 24 hr security patrols every 15 minutes. BRS noted it was $14.00 per day and well worth the cost. It was raining ☔️ yes, raining in Phoenix. Two local trips completed yesterday in stealth mode due to the short distances. 

Tolleson, AZ was first stop of the day at Loves for fresh coffee. Steve scored three stainless steel tumblers on clearance for bringing back to BRT World Headquarters. 

Next, was the Blue Beacon next door where it was a ghost town. No one was interested in a wash due to the rainy weather. So, we had no waiting and rolled into the wash bay. Yes, a trailer wash out was needed. Yes, woo hoo ! We are back to pulling on the refrigerated team again.

 8:47 AZ time we returned to the yard to get a tire on trailer replaced. 

Steve started the next stream at 10:45 AZ time. The plot was searching for two trailer load locks. Yes, it turned out to be as difficult as some of the trailer hunts in past seasons. Apparently, the last receiver failed to return BRS load locks and the shipper was kind enough to start loading the trailer provided BRS went to get the required load locks. Yes Steve was Bobtail Bob while enriching the BRT RC with tour of Phoenix searching for the load locks. Danny’s Big Rig Resort ended up being the spot to replace them. Yes, BRS company compensates the cost. 

Reconnected with the trailer at shipper 12:41 AZ time. BRT RC Chat Moderator John259 broke out an oldie, but goodie (after BRS suggested RC cover eyes). Fawlty Towers program ( a television show based in England) quotation from Mr. Fawlty. John might be nice enough to post it on BRT Discord page. 

As we waited for completion of loading, BRS started plane spotting as planes ✈️ were flying in front of the Blue Comet on approach to landing into Sky Harbor airport. 

Left shipper 13:33 AZ time and rolled through downtown, near the Chase Field, home of AZ Diamondbacks baseball team. 

13:39 Stopped for commuter train downtown. John 259 had posted a video about just that on Discord earlier today. 

We rolled onto Papago Freeway I-10 westbound into and through the tunnel. Exited off into the Loves 14:00 AZ time to check mass/weight on the Cat Scale. It was not communicating. Steve said “99.285% confident we are legal”. Maybe check down the road. BRT RC member Bruce L met up with BRS while Steve waited in fuel Island line. Steve advised career miles is now 1,941,686.

We continue on I-10 west through rest of Arizona into California. Loves stop for coffee 18:30 PDT at Coachella, California, near Indio, California. Yes, we are finally in Pacific time zone. Banning, California mass/weigh station did not allow bypass so in BRS went in and had no issues.

Numbers update for today 431 miles 693 km to delivery. Appointment is 17:00 PDT tomorrow afternoon. Covered 382 miles 614 km today includes loading at shipper and load lock hunt touring Phoenix AZ.
Clocks update at 20:34 PDT only clock that maters is :18 minutes on 70 hr, 1:41 hours on 11 hr, 1:00 hours on 14 hr, gain back 11:50 hours tomorrow morning.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels

Welcome to California 

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  1. Well just to quote a much repeated statement since was first issued==Love Means Never To Say Im Sorry==LOve Story Movie 1970!! Applies to Srteve as well!! Now with the approaching milestone of 2 million miles approaching there is need to get all the celebrations on the planning committee!! At the exact 2 million mark need to have entourage there to have Steve pull offf road and strike up the band!! Then big award medallion draped over Steve!! Next speeches from CEO of Steve trucking company speeches from representatives of different cdelebberties phone call from President offering congratultions==yes even him ==then paparazzi taking photos for permanent history books!! Last of all life time supply of cheetoes with ice cream supply for Lorna!! Well some things to contemplator for historic moment? Okay excuse this rambling concoction as just way of showing love for Steve and BRT Crew!!

  2. P S also a shout out for Riic Rac doing another bang up reporting summery!! Nominate him for Pulizer??

  3. I never cease to be amazed at how quite your big Frightliner with it’s huge diesel engine is. My 1998 Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins is way noisier. Your tires make more noise than the engine.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful recap!

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