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Daily Summary for 2/15/2023

Big Rig Steve broadcast day ended near Frackville, PA. BRS went on to the shipper in Hazelton, PA and is safely parked on customer property for the night as preloaded trailer will not be starting to load until 22:00 EST.

Steve advised that he will start very early tomorrow morning. Anyone’s guess what that may be? Yes, across the pond viewers may get on the rare early morning ride.

Our broadcast day started at 8:30 EST where we stopped yesterday at the rest area in Bedford Township, PA. BRS had access to good coffee as Seven Eleven was on the property site. Steve started rolling after acquiring said coffee.

8:55 EST near Everett, PA BRS had current events story about a 16 year old girl’s birthday which was followed up with BRS parenting 101. (Yes, worth a listen on the stream replay). BRT Road Crew YT chat discussions on the subject crossed many observations.

Near Shade Gap, PA at 9:23 EST the Blue Comet passed by a million $$ commodity riding on a big rig. Yes, a load of eggs. Shortly afterwards, we approached the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel and all east bound traffic was pushed into the “granny lane” by several gates blocking the “hammer lane”. Yes construction on the west bound tunnel was putting all traffic through the east bound side. This was not a location to have any trouble as there was no room to stop with oncoming traffic coming thru the tunnel with no shoulders available either). At 9:37 EST, near Spring Run, PA another tunnel, the Kittatiny Tunnel. Shortly after that, the Blue Mountain Tunnel.  Apparently I-76 has several tunnels in PA which asks a question: Which interstate highway has the most tunnels? Please post your answer as a comment.

We arrived at the receiver 11:10 EST at Palmrya, PA. with 700 + plus BRT RC viewers as Steve counted down (3,2,1) the end of the broadcast as a train could be seen off to the left of the Blue Comet view.

Drop and  hook completed at 12:39 EST, we rolled out with an empty trailer towards the next shipper. At approximately 13:03 EST BRS said “you know what is coming up next?” Wait for it…wait for it… Yes, it was Love’s. There was a lot of congestion in the fuel island line up, due to a truck blocking all from approaching the island. Yes, while we waited we were greeted by our own “BRT Jill”. Also, BRS  serenaded us with a song. Blue Comet needed truck fuel and trailer refer fuel (its tank was empty). And yes, another trailer with an empty tank which we all know how that worked out last time. Yes, Steve primed the fuel and tried starting refer after fueling up the tank. Oh no, multiple warning codes and weak battery prevented start up. Status update: 48 gallons to Gold and 548 gallons to Platinum.

Luckily the company yard was next door. Steve acquired coffee and then we rolled over to get service help. BRS switched to British view and crew remained on board for the repair. Yes, shortly after BRS acquired the tech to get us going, the nearly new 2022 trailer refer fired up. Yay!  Steve was instructed to wait until the tech returned from a short meeting to verify and sign off that all was good. Steve worked on paperwork while answering some assorted BRT RC YT chat questions.   Steve also posted the photo of the day that had been taken on bridge over Susquehanna River near skyline of downtown Harrisburg, PA. (Yes, we had been stopped in traffic). Check it out on web site under the photography tab, picture of the day, calendar view.

We started rolling again from the shop at 14:45 EST continuing on to the shipper in  Hazleton, PA.

Numbers: we did not discuss, so estimating,  we covered the 113 miles 181 km to delivery/drop and hook along with 69 miles 111 km to the shipper.  Clocks: we had 61:13 hours on the 70 hour when we started today.  

 Delivery is back west to Gas City, IN (once again) on 2/17/2023 at 5:00 CST. Tomorrow will be a full day working on getting closer to our Gold status for March. If you missed the BRT (The 126ers -On My Way Home ) closing theme today check out BRT Discord general-lounge (posted for all to listen). Yes, another good day today as sun was again shinning on Big Rig Travels as we traveled in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Eastern Pennsylvania!