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Daily Summary for 1/30/2024

Big Rig Steve official broadcast day ended at 15:55 PST as Steve was in search of parking.

Title: Back in California

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began at 8:06 PST at the Sinclair in North Las Vegas, NV continuing our trip to Brea, California.

Welcome to California at 9:14 PST.  BRS advised that the speed limit drops to 55 mph for big rigs.  

Arrived at the California Ag inspection station at 9:21 PST, then on to the mass/weigh station.  No bypass, no issues.

He exited off I-15 at 9:55 PST, stopped for a photo op of the old Butterfly Restaurant, now painted in blue.

Back on I-15 at 10:03 PST, our elevation was 4000 feet, Steve advised downhill for the next 17 miles.  Our elevation after that dropped to 810 feet.

Near Baker, CA at 10:22 PST, BRS pointed out the world’s tallest thermometer.

Prior to arriving in Barstow, CA, the stream ended, which we later learned was due to the phone battery charging adapter failure.

Broadcast resumed while we were leaving Love’s in Barstow, CA at 12:07 PST after fueling.

We continue on I-15, broadcast ends again near Jurupa Valley, CA at 13:42 PST.

Broadcast resumes again at 14:45 PST in Jurupa Valley, CA.  BRS advised that an accident had stopped his progress of getting through an intersection near his destination for the day.  Initially he thought this would be a short term disruption so hadn’t restarted stream sooner.  

BRS attempted an alternate route to get to his desired parking area, but was again thwarted by the police directing traffic and blocking him getting through the intersection.  He was left trying to find an alternate route and being stuck in traffic with others trying to do the same.

Numbers:  Relatively close (about 34 miles 55 km) to receiver.  We covered approximately 227 miles 365 km rolling out of Nevada and into California.  Achieved Love’s Platinum status for February.

Clocks: not addressed. Started with 60:19 hours on 70 hr.  Do not gain back hours tomorrow morning. 

Delivery scheduled for 7:30 PST tomorrow.   Choose the BRT YouTube channel alarm bell to receive notifications for the start of our broadcast.

Welcome to the constantly growing Big Rig Travels family. Big Rig Steve is glad to have you as part of the family.

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

Welcome to California.

Please post comments anything of importance or interest of today’s trip that was not included or feedback for Steve about todays broadcast. 

Yes, if you have missed today you can replay some or all of today’s trip. Choose the YouTube channel tab on Bigrigtravels website and while you’re at the website check out the BRT store for BRT merchandise.