Adventure Saturday

Well Saturday was a day full of adventure for sure! We made our delivery, then played bobtail Bob while looking for an empty trailer, then saw about 30 police cars chasing an 18 wheeler in Cincinnati, swapped trailers again, got stuck in heavy traffic then ended our day running the backroad detour through Kentucky! Who says bigrigtravels is boring? 🙂 many thanks for all the folks that have sent in their audio clips. It’s great to hear the voices, and places from all around the world with a personal touch!

I did change the route for this trip. We are a bit too tight on time and very heavy so running up and down and all around the Rockies in Colorado would actually put us at a disadvantage. We will run 70 to Kansas, up 29 and swing the backside of Lincoln then roll across 80. It is only about 15 miles longer, but we will save time not dragging 79,000+ through the mountains. No fear, we will do the mountains one day soon.

And just like that…

a wrench was thrown at our delivery. We showed an open delivery appointment for today between 8am and 6pm. We rolled in and was turned away because they showed a firm appointment of 6pm tonight only. So we found a small truck stop down the road and will attempt delivery later today. Man, it is hard for a driver to manage his time efficiently when others send the wrong information to the truck! Guess at this point it really doesn’t matter since we are extremely close on our 70hr clock anyway. This will give me time to finally attack the trip journal!

Hiding all day?

We are currently unloading at our final delivery from Utah. We just got our next trip but right now there are a few unanswered questions about how this will play out. We DO know that we will pick up and load at the next shipper which happens to be less than a mile from our current location but not until this afternoon. We will go and talk to them about loading us early perhaps but regardless, we won’t be broadcasting until we depart from there. Watch the status bar for information about what is going on while the cameras are off. Because we only have 12 hours from right now on our 70hr clock and don’t gain anything back over the next two days, we may end up giving this next trip to another driver. At the same time, the planners are talking about letting us go to the final delivery and burn up our remaining hours. As soon as I hear back, or we get loaded, I will post the trip.

Little America

Can you believe it? It took over 20 minutes and several tries to get the blog to load. Little America, Wyoming is literally in a hole and anytime we have stopped here we had no internet. The truck stop is jam packed tonight. Good day today having driven 300 miles to our drop and hook delivery in Corinne, Utah then a trailer washout, then run up and down the mountain to do another drop and hook at our current shipper. Today, we have been connected to three different trailers. The late evening hours are always difficult to hold a broadcast quality signal especially out here in Wyoming.

July 4 Offer and New Items

Howdy and Happy Independence Day! I am late getting this out, but for the holiday, if you buy either of the American Spirit Hats from our store, and then add the Hat Pin to your cart, you get the hat pin free! You MUST enter coupon code JULY4HAT at checkout. Also, check out the 7 NEW items that are now in the store! A Royal Blue tumbler, Aunt J frog backpack buddy, iron on patch, bandanas/facemasks, BigRig Stress Squish Truck, and water bottle! More secret surprises coming to the store in August or September!

Meanwhile on the homefront, it is dang hot and humid. Did some lawn mowing, website store updates, and bum around the house. Gotta make the most of my very few days off!

Holiday begins!

Howdy and welcome to the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. We made our delivery and are in place and ready to show up to our next shipper about 13 hours early and with any luck, they will load us so we can get on our way. Good rips so far and going by the trip journal for June, we have had our busiest month thus far! Make sure to watch the status bar to know when we get to a door and when we are loaded so you will know when to start watching for the broadcast to start!

Updated Ocala, Florida

Ok, update….. comments are now closed on this post. Somehow, I make a post about our trips and what is going on and I come back to approve comments and find many arguments back and forth about politics. Friendly reminder, BigRigTravels is free from any political talk. Yes, each person has their own views but this isn’t the place for name calling, foul language, etc. There are countless other places on the internet to argue until everyone turns blue in the face……. do it there…..not here.

Good Friday afternoon. Guess we will go ahead and quit for the day. We only have 100 miles to go to delivery and we can’t arrive before 630pm local time. Guess we better leave some driving for tomorrow. Relax awhile, and we will get rolling again Saturday afternoon about 430pm.

Hideaway in the dark corner…

Howdy and good evening. A little update for ya tonight. We have finished our delivery in McDonough, Georgia and have been given a space in a far corner to hide until they call us for a door in the morning. We actually load at the same building in the morning as we just unloaded tonight. Nice to not worry about finding parking this late! I’ll update our trip while we are in the door being loaded.