Almost there!

We are scooting across America as we roll from Idaho to Illinois. Sunday night we covered 575 miles and we only have 530 to go! Long days this week and we are rapidly using our 70 hours up! Congratulations to Tom Allen as the winner of the frog contest for being the first to email me what I spotted wrong with another truck as we rolled into a rest area in Utah yesterday!

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  1. Very Nice music, we always especially our 3 year old daughter Abby enjoy riding along and watching out the windshield. Good thoughts well wishes for you as you travel down the road doing all the deliveries. Take care, Dave, Becky & Abby

  2. Two questions please…
    What was the answer as far what was wrong with the other truck? I did hear you ask for anyone’s answer but missed what had happened up to this point and the eventual answer.
    Been wondering too, are there any states you have not been to (other than Alaska or Hawaii of course)?!
    Thank you 🙂

  3. When Steve went into the rest area, he pulled next to a tanker trailer that had a wheel with no tire on it. You’ll notice he stopped before pulling all the way into the parking spot to take the picture of it.

    Steve will have to answer this himself, but I think it’s been said during broadcasts or Q & A sessions that Steve has been to al 48 contiguous States.

    1. Thanks very much Gus!
      Hopefully Steve will update us on the “final answer” as to the number of states visited.

      1. While waiting for Steve you can go to the Counties visited under the MAPS tab and you will see all but VT/NH/ME have been visited. We will need the final note from Steve regarding those three.

  4. You can see the states he has been to in the past couple of years. Go to the MAP tab on the home page and goto Counties Visited. The map shows he has visited all but VT/NH/ME. He may very well have visited a some earlier point and he will have the answer.

  5. Hey out there all of you asking Steve travels history i recommend listening to song===Ive Been Everywhere==By Hank Snow and as you listen will give you insight of Steve travel history PS ==rumor has it Nashville music executive planning need version sung by Steve himself==subject to sessions with voice coach ==Well its a thought!!!

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