lost at sea

Oh boy. Yesterday we had so many problems with multiple trips all running in the same time slots. Then the load we did get, the shipper was halfway done loading us when they started pulling it off our truck to put on another truck. Then, we were told an hour later to go back to the dock and they loaded us again with the same freight. We stayed overnight in Baltimore, Maryland and made the delivery just 15 minutes late.

Now today, we had a local 35 mile run, but when we got to the delivery they refused it because everyone goes home at 11am! They couldn’t even find us on the delivery schedule. We drove back to the droplot to leave this load exactly where we picked it up from earlier this afternoon. The new delivery appointment is set for Monday!! Nope, we won’t sit that long.

Currently, we have 7 preset trips and not a single one of them makes any sense at all. Waiting for someone somewhere to start thinking. As soon as I get a trip we can work with, we will update the website.

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