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lost at sea

Oh boy. Yesterday we had so many problems with multiple trips all running in the same time slots. Then the load we did get, the shipper was halfway done loading us when they started pulling it off our truck to put on another truck. Then, we were told an hour later to go back to the dock and they loaded us again with the same freight. We stayed overnight in Baltimore, Maryland and made the delivery just 15 minutes late.

Now today, we had a local 35 mile run, but when we got to the delivery they refused it because everyone goes home at 11am! They couldn’t even find us on the delivery schedule. We drove back to the droplot to leave this load exactly where we picked it up from earlier this afternoon. The new delivery appointment is set for Monday!! Nope, we won’t sit that long.

Currently, we have 7 preset trips and not a single one of them makes any sense at all. Waiting for someone somewhere to start thinking. As soon as I get a trip we can work with, we will update the website.

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27 thoughts on “lost at sea

  1. I’m thinking there’s a handful of warehouses in need of some new shipping managers!

    1. Steve, it’s been obvious for years that your dispatchers are totally incompetent. It’s also apparent that it’s past time for you to find a new outfit for which to drive. There has to be a demand for experienced drivers with your record. If time is money,
      you’re losing out on both. I don’t get it. Sidney

      1. I think it is currently the lack of manpower at the company. The reason is that many of the drivers that are based in the region might be on their time off.

  2. Wow. That’s insane. It sounds to me like there is a serious shortage of drivers AND load planners and/or dispatchers & they’ve either overworking people or hiring the wrong people just to get warm bodies in the seats.

  3. You are a kinder and more patient man than me, Steve. Frustrations like this causes my head to explode(according to my lovely wife).
    Good bless and safe travels.
    Jack The Cat

  4. This dumbness is everywhere. Says a lot of our education system and parents out there. I gave up hiring people in 2000 and relied on sub-contractors. Let them deal with the stupidity. Sorry Steve, I know what you’re going through.

  5. My son is experiencing some of the same here in Texas as they over loaded his truck and then……..
    Anyways will keep you in my thoughts as they figure out what they are doing!
    Happy travels soon I’m sure.
    Welcome baaaaaaack?!!!!

  6. steve you will work it out we have trust in you

  7. Geez 7 trips is crazy in itself. You’ll be sure to use up the 14 hour clock, 70 hour clock and anything else that ticks lol. If you were just 2 had 1/2 hours north I could at least buy ya dinner! Hopefully it’ll work out by tomorrow. Nellie and Orangie probably make more sense than some of these planners!

  8. My goodness, what’s going on out there? It seems to have all occured at once. And I wonder what the other drivers are experiencing.
    Just make sure you don’t catch whatever these planners have.

  9. Steve I would seriously get your bosses involved in this mess…I’m sure they will be able to straighten things out with the planners/dispatchers. They know that your time and effort as a company driver is valuable to them.

    You just enjoy the down time you have to take Care of yourself and take care of your allergies. Stay healthy and let the higher ups take care of the trip fiasco. Get some sleep and if you have time…take your Segway out for a ride and have some fun and watch the fall colors turn!!!! Take care of yourself!!!

  10. Get proper rest, stay well and if necessary make phone calls. I hope you can get layover pay out of this. In my part of the industry I’m not totally immune to this sort of thing as trips sometimes do cancel.

  11. Steve We love you dearly and the fun you provide all the world with your great travels across America. Please get a “cough” button for for early morning allergies. I fear it detracts from the A+ experience from your early morning viewers. I sa this with all good intentions as a loyal follower and wish you find a medical solution. I want you to be in the best health. Grandpa Jack

    1. One of BRT greatest for me is all very true reality experience we are a great part of.I can relate to Steve as someone just like all of US!!! Steve is fellow brother of all BRT and –yes–we all have some imperfections as all of us only human–So cough and allergies is all of our normal reactions –Steve cough and sneeze and will be all okay as i do that too my good brother!!! So cough sneeze wheeze then Mash-IT brother!!!

  12. Good morning Steve. Do you. Think you can unlock snow man cam. If we are at a truck stop

    All so if we are at a busy truck stop you think you can turn on the live stream at some point to day so we can thus watch the trucks go buy for. A little. Bit ?

    1. We are parked on customer property droplot. No cameras allowed

      1. Ok. Steve I was thinking you made it too a truck stop after the drop and hock last night but that’s grate that they had on site parking

  13. Hey Steve==now i believe all of your problems you are going thru is due to that have you out on the ocean on a merchant ship!!! Well i ask==whart other explanation is there for the excuse of===Lost At Sea?? So lets get you out of the ocean and back on a highway!!! No more sailors role for BRT driver and all your see bee crew!!

  14. Steve, what rocket scientist figured out your next route? I know you make money by the mile so is this their way of giving you a ton of unnecessary miles to get to Utah? You are a good trooper and do as they tell you. This is the trip we have all been waiting for so get all the sleep you can and get off the East Coast as fast as possible before they change their minds. Be safe!!

  15. Hi Steve

    Did you haveing to hard. Record the trip from Ogden UT down to where you are right now ?

    1. His update says he’s working out his next trip, so he must still be in Ogden. We’ll find out more in the morning, I assume.

      1. hmmm

        no he not he’s not in Ogden any more and if you check the website

        he is now here

        Current Truck Location
        Salt Lake City, UT

        so he went too STL area after Ogden what I was asking was if Steve did a hard Record of the short trip from Ogden too STL area tonight

  16. Howdy Steve

    well done on the trip steve near enough complete bring the next 1 on i hope the boss will give us your home state next for a trip

  17. So, I’m sure as soon as the question left your lips, you’ve already had 500 answers.
    If it’s your pillow, then it’s obviously dust mites.

  18. Hey Steve==Lost ZAt Sea?? Now you really do have me believing indeed you are still out there trying to find the shore to find dry land to get bs\ack on the road!! Apparently last sighting was on October 14 as its now OCt 24. Send up flares and hopefully rescue crew on the way!! As always just kidding and send word of encouragement to most wonderful driver and person of BRT most wonderful reality experiences for us crew!!! God Blesss !!!

  19. hi Steve

    have they unloaded you yet?

  20. How did the unloading go?

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