Special Broadcast

Update! In case you missed the short broadcast, here is what we have new in the store! A limited Edition BigRigSteve Bobblehead! You can get the details below and in the store. If you purchase in the next 24 hours, before 1800 October 9th, we will include a bigrig squishy truck free of charge! IN the event you do get charged for the squishy truck, no fear, we will refund the price of it to you. The coupon doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

HOWDY! Man, been busy with like 82 things of course, only half going as planned lol. I did promise a special broadcast for you, so we will do it tonight at 6pm Central time. We just never have enough time to do everything in just 4 days every six weeks. I haven’t even started the grill yet! See you at 6pm tonight!

11 thoughts on “Special Broadcast

  1. Hey Steve, Wont be able to watch the Stream due to it being at 1 AM for me but I’ll make sure to watch it back!

    I remember you asked in a stream if we know who the two people are you added to the Road Crew gallery. The person with the letter ‘A’ on his hat is Leroy from Hickory. I presume Hickory, NC as you met Leroy in North Carolina.
    The other person you forgot the name of once you wanted to mention him. He had said that he also (used to) work on planes like you. Maybe that rings a bell now?

    Hope that helps a bit and you have a great broadcast tonight!

  2. Just watched Nellie and Orangie introductions! Very cute and both kinda look like a couple of my kitties (Lily and Munchkin)! You do know that you just made TK very jealous I’m sure. Thanks for the update video.

  3. Hey Steve, you should do a section of the road crew gallery where we can show pictures of us with our cats we love. I think it would be fun to see how many of us cat people there are on the road crew 😀

  4. hi steve, i’m david, i live in france. I have always dreamed of becoming a truck driver, but the license is very expensive in France. I love the United States, I plan to travel there one day. In the meantime, I discovered you on Oct 15, 2019 and since then I follow you when I can. I would like to buy something from your store (I like the bigrigsteve bobblehead), but I don’t know if I can have it in France, and if I will have additional costs, I do not know where to inquire, maybe you you can.
    rest well while waiting to find you

  5. Hey Steve thanks for special broadcast!! Was very enjoyable. Oh so cute bobble head!! Now suggestion–Tee Shirt with your photo and printed under photo===What Me Worry!! Eat your heart out ==Alfred E Newman!! Okay now thats settled till next Mash-It==Have Best of Time Off!!

  6. Howdy Steve

    very good broadcast good to hear from you hope your time off was good the merchandise looks really good MASH IT LETS GO

  7. Hey Steve as i looked at bobble head photo had memory of our school photographer motto was===where there is beauty we take it===where there is none we make it!! Cant help but thing bobble head designer sure did traffic job of making beauty where there was none!!! Okay just kidding!! Lets Mash-IT !! God bless!!

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