Good evening from Brush, Colorado. If you haven’t noticed yetht, our trip has changed. We are now going to drop this in Denver so another driver can use it to get to his home in Utah. We also have some business stuff to do since we just hit our 14th year of driving!! Wednesday morning we will finish up the last 95 miles or so and that will be it for tomorrow. There are several things in progress but we will let you know when things get finalized.

The numbers for today are… 579.8 miles driven, 4hr10min left on 70hr clock. Gain back 8hr44min tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Brush!

  1. Well you have been on the road since around August 23 so a week in August and now the month of September, Time for you to get back East and a some time off for well deserved R&R. Hope the next trip gets you back to home base.

  2. Howdy Steve

    wow 14Years of driving you have done well driving all over the usa its now time for you to get back home and have good rest recharge your batteries spend time with your family & friends and hopefully the boss will have some good trips lined up hopefully its in your home state

  3. Congratulations on your 14th years of driving and as a new subscriber this year, I have seen that you’ve drove nice trips and have a safe trip or whenever back home.

  4. Hi Steve
    Many congrats on you 14 years of driving. What a great achievement!

    Since coming on board, I have enjoyed seeing the life of open road trucking, the great friends I have made and all that scenery that comes with your job,ha,ha
    Looking forward to seeing some fantastic Fall colours on your next trip.

    Hope you get some well deserved downtime!! its so deserved

  5. I want to add my Congratulations to you on fourteen years of safe driving, definitely something to be proud of!

  6. Hi Steve, congratulations on fourteen years of driving and a good return home. You deserve a very good rest to recharge your batteries. greetings from the south of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Good luck.

  7. Sorry I missed the drive this morning. Thanks for letting us know here what is going on. Great job and happy anniversary, Steve.

  8. Congratulations Steve on 14 years of trucking bliss–well thats what we say for wedding aviveraries..And just like marriage–had some ups and downs but have persevered thru it AA!! Congrats to worlds Greatest Mash It driver!!and also heck go good guy!!!!

  9. 14 Yrs, whooda thunk? Congrats Steve, now mossey on back towards home and a “GOOD” rest and not just 4-5 days, I mean mininum of a full week at least. You have a life outside of trucking and that needs to be attended to. Time to get ready for winter….brrrrrr!! Be safe. Maybe a heads up, if you have time, to let me know if you will be coming thru Spokane, Wa.. I’d be proud to get a pic with you.

  10. Congrats Steve on 14 years on the long and winding roads! Thanks for taking all of us,” The Road Crew” along to places we may never go to in our lives. Be well and be safe.
    Mike1 and the JRC.

  11. Congratulations on 14 years, Steve! I am a short-timer compared with some of the Road Crew, but I love the great folks I’ve met so far. I appreciate you as a sterling example of those truckers who keep this country moving! I also appreciate the positive environment you foster on the website, on YouTube and in chat! Keep the dirty side down, the shiny side up, and keep on trucking!

  12. Awww – I wondered why the trip was cut short. Hoping everything was ok. Helping out yet another driver is very appreciated I’m sure.
    Congrats on 14 and here’s hoping for at least another 14 😊. Lovin’ big rig travels woo hoo

  13. 14 years already! of pushing the black ribbon under your truck & following your headlights across much of the USA.
    Usually you are the first to tell us when you see the geese flying South. Here the butterflies are thick all over the place, fluttering to their destination in Mexico.

  14. Did you pass your tests and be “Sums Cum Laude” at the top of your class? Is there a pic of you in your Cap and Gown? LOL, that would be sweet. Hope you get some sleep and a trip back home.

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