Restart and Updates

Howdy and just a few updates and a Sunday Song…. We used up all but 6 hours of our 70 hour clock in just a week! Last weekend we had to restart in Richmond, Virginia and now we are resetting the clock in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a loading appointment at 2am Monday and then it will have to be another overnight express run I’m afraid if we want to make ontime delivery Tuesday morning! Very glad to get all the feedback about the quality of the bobbleheads! It was worth the wait to find a quality producer for our custom collector’s item!

14 thoughts on “Restart and Updates

  1. Thank you for the updates and good to see the Sunday song back, I really enjoy them. I hope you got plenty of rest on your 34hr restart. I see another early start for you. looking forward to your trip to Fresno.Take care and stay safe out on those roads. God bless, Steve

  2. There is a strong wind event in So. California starting at midnight thru tomorrow. Very strong winds especially over the Cajun Pass. Praying for safe journeys.

  3. Never fails to amaze me the working hours/schedule you’re able to put up with. Hope you enjoyed your break and hope you got some rest! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the updates. GREAT song choice!! Stay safe out there Steve. Prayers for you & others out on the roads.

  5. Steve, I really enjoy your Sunday songs and what a blessing this one is! Safe travels to Fresno been there many times as I have family there. Have traveled some of the same roads you have to get there.

  6. Hey Steve===oh its so good you finally got back on dry land!! What a relief !!! Well now you had posted were lost at sea!! problably suspect was night time and though you were entering onto customers property only by mistake drove onto entry ramp on ship!! Well alls well now back on dry land!!!! Okay this just attempt to show love for BRT by this ridiculous chat!! As always wish blessings!!!You The Best!!!

  7. Hi Steve This morning you told us about a shipper that charges the driver $500.00 if he is late by 30 minutes or more. Does the shipper pay the driver $500.00 if he is waiting to be loaded or unloaded over 30 minutes.
    It would only be fair. Have a great day my friend.

    1. The driver does get detention pay if held at the dock past two hours. The customer is supposed to pay it but they usually find some reason to get out of it.

  8. Watch out for the winds. And smoky skies as there are some major fires going on in the Southland. Be careful and safe out there.

  9. Please welcome our new dedicated Phoenix to California (and Back) driver! Gotcha doing that I10/ I5 run quite a bit lately. Some good miles nonetheless 🙂 Snow predicted here tomorrow night 😳

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