Ready for the Rockies?

Good lunchtime almost! We are just waiting for our rest clock to end so we can get out of here. I don’t know exactly what is in these hills around here, but the allergies are running full blast! We will start shortly towards Denver. We will have about an hour or so of our first broadcast until we go into a deadzone for signal for about two hours as we navigate the San Rafael Swell, Ghost Rock, and the other very steep mountain grades until we reach about Green River. While we won’t have signal, you can always watch the snowman camera and it will send out an image any time any hint of a tower comes along. There will be many times that we will buffer and most likely will lose the stream all along the way to Denver. Think about it, we are going through some very remote areas!

Finally got the newest Road Crew entry in the gallery. Way back on July 21, Stephen and Donald met us in Springville, Utah.

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