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Ready for the Rockies?

Good lunchtime almost! We are just waiting for our rest clock to end so we can get out of here. I don’t know exactly what is in these hills around here, but the allergies are running full blast! We will start shortly towards Denver. We will have about an hour or so of our first broadcast until we go into a deadzone for signal for about two hours as we navigate the San Rafael Swell, Ghost Rock, and the other very steep mountain grades until we reach about Green River. While we won’t have signal, you can always watch the snowman camera and it will send out an image any time any hint of a tower comes along. There will be many times that we will buffer and most likely will lose the stream all along the way to Denver. Think about it, we are going through some very remote areas!

Finally got the newest Road Crew entry in the gallery. Way back on July 21, Stephen and Donald met us in Springville, Utah.

9 thoughts on “Ready for the Rockies?

  1. Who is the funny looking guy wearing dark glasses??Those he are with however look like real nice guys!!! Am reminded of senior class phoogerpher —where there is beauty we take it where there is not we make it!!! so looks like got work cut out for this guy!!! God Bless and Protect Steve!!

    1. You get window washer duties for the next week!

  2. Looks like a Just For Men Beard coloring ad. Before, one treatment, full treatment. Like I’m one to talk. Love ya Steve.

  3. I just got back from a hiking trip to the Colorado Rockies. The cone-shaped pine trees along I-70 in central CO are a beautiful shade of green this time of year. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  4. ive enjoyed your videos and livestreams for 3 years now and the sounds of the superslab is my musici i live in maine but used to live and drive out of santa ana almost 50 years ago. route 80 70 44 40 10 love em all and of course 15 too. i was hoping to drive across this summer, but will wait till mid fall now. hope to meet ya’ll someday and hope you will visit maine someday as well. got plenty of lobster n steamers waiting for you…. best regards from maine. ps my truck was a freightliner cabover with a 318 and 13 speed fuller…..a real kidney shaker….

  5. Thing I remember most while watching the live stream of you meeting with Stephen and Donald was the huge grin Donald had when he was walking away with his dad. You sure made Donald’s day. Pretty sure it is a memory that will last Donald a lifetime since you said they told you Donald wants to be a trucker too when he is old enough. What you’re doing is a great thing Steve.

    1. Donald is a younger me! That’s exactly how I was growing up and anytime I’d see a big rig. Wait a minute … I’m still like that (and I’m in my 50’s)!
      Must be why I love this site 🙂

  6. Way to go Steve you made another young man’s dream come true. How many trucker’s meet people on there journey’s, don’t think there are many. I remember the day you met Donald and his Dad and the smile on his face was precious. Steve, you are the best, you give of yourself and your time, and what you give to the people in chat is above and beyond. You are a wonderful and caring person. Take care and God bless.

  7. It’s wonderful that you take time to meet the road crew..I remember watching a documentary about the Queen and when she was young told ” you will never remember the people you meet but they will remember it for a lifetime”..I’m sure all the road crew you have met over the years will cherish that moment forever. I know i’ll never get to meet you but i love it when others do..Thank you for being such a great and generous man…

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