Good super early morning. We just shutdown on our next shipper’s property. Wait. Shutdown? Yup. Our delivery appointment yesterday was set for 7pm. We showed up an hour early. They put us in a door at 7pm, started unloading about midnight, and finally let us go about 8+ hours later. We then tried to get coffee before heading into our next shipper and that alone was an adventure! Closed ramps, closed lanes, turnarounds, train horns, side streets, missed streets, total fiasco just for coffee! You can check out our broadcast for the details. Finally did get my coffee though and that is what counts!

Because of the stupidly delayed unloading process, it has really messed up our next trip. We are already attached to our next trailer and loaded up and ready. Well, except that now we are hitting our 14 hour clock! We need to do a split sleeper clock and suspend the 14 hour clock. This means we will probably run about 1230pm Pacific time. I need to try and arrange more time to get to the delivery and get a few more hours at least. There is also the chance that because of the delays with the previous delivery folks taking waaaaay too long, we might end up losing this next trip since we were supposed to have already been underway by midnight. Check back in a few hours and see where we stand then.