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Good super early morning. We just shutdown on our next shipper’s property. Wait. Shutdown? Yup. Our delivery appointment yesterday was set for 7pm. We showed up an hour early. They put us in a door at 7pm, started unloading about midnight, and finally let us go about 8+ hours later. We then tried to get coffee before heading into our next shipper and that alone was an adventure! Closed ramps, closed lanes, turnarounds, train horns, side streets, missed streets, total fiasco just for coffee! You can check out our broadcast for the details. Finally did get my coffee though and that is what counts!

Because of the stupidly delayed unloading process, it has really messed up our next trip. We are already attached to our next trailer and loaded up and ready. Well, except that now we are hitting our 14 hour clock! We need to do a split sleeper clock and suspend the 14 hour clock. This means we will probably run about 1230pm Pacific time. I need to try and arrange more time to get to the delivery and get a few more hours at least. There is also the chance that because of the delays with the previous delivery folks taking waaaaay too long, we might end up losing this next trip since we were supposed to have already been underway by midnight. Check back in a few hours and see where we stand then.

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  1. Wow … I certainly hope the coffee was at least worthy of the aforementioned!!
    What an adventure 🙁
    Amazing the temperature there now is like 1/2 of what it was yesterday afternoon (almost).

    1. Yes, it was 114f when we left yesterday and then it was 66f as we made this morning’s broadcast. Fantastic change!

  2. Sorry about the adventure Steve, but California is in disarry because of the Coronavirus and the associated shutdowns. They’re having it rough. At least you got your coffee

  3. Thanks for the update Steve..It must be frustrating for you but i guess it’s all part of the job….. i’m sure when you are ready to roll again we’ll be ready to join you…until then have a good sleep….

  4. I usually do not comment but, this was a interesting 1 hour video it has it all! I heard the train horn as I was drinking my morning coffee and thought what is that?? Then I heard it again no lights no gates you are already tried that would have been a thrill!

    Stay safe enjoyed the ride as always Thanks!

  5. Wow Steve what an adventure this morning, thanks for sharing the stream and the update. That train was a little to close, wonder why the arms didn’t go down. Glad you are ok and that you got your coffee. I hope you get some well deserved sleep, take as long as you need, we will all be here when you are ready to roll. Take care, stay safe and God bless.

  6. Steve –just a paraphrase from Shakespeare—-a horse horse a horse my kingdom for a horse —translated====a cup of coffee a cup of coffee a cup of coffee cup of coffee ==my truck for a cup of coffee well make that the whole trucking company for a cup!!! and WHAT NEXT!!!

  7. Well the delivery ratings for this client were spot on. Sorry it took so long. We’ll see you in the early afternoon.

  8. That situation is a cluster to quote Dad. Hope it works out!

  9. I know right. I don’t know how I did it before GPS or cellphones.

  10. In the warehouse/distribution center that I worked at, we unloaded trailers of furniture and appointments were scheduled on the hour from 6AM to 1PM so we had an hour to unload each trailer…If we got behind on a trailer, it would mean delaying everyone behind it so we hustled to keep things moving.

    Most days involved unloading anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred pieces but on some busy days, we had up to 1,000 pieces of furniture come in which included sofas, loveseats, dressers, nightstands, headboards, etc and after we unloaded it, a crew on electric platform lifts would take all that and put it away on elevated deck shelving…..Everything had to be cleared and put away before we went home that day to have room to unload the next day’s trucks…..It was usually done by 3:30PM.

  11. As Rosanne Rosannadanna said….It’s always something….

  12. And if its not “always something” its behind cementary gates.

  13. Don’t ya just love the hurry up and wait attitude some folks force us to live by? I hope it all gets straightened out and you are able to hit the road again. Stay safe and enjoy that “expensive” coffee. Prayers for a safe trip. P.S. Why is it not asking me if I’m a robot? lol

  14. Hey there Marcia M Steve has to put up with too much red tape and stalling tactics as it is so he decided to let chatters log in without extra hassles –well thats whammy take is God bless!! Good to greet fellow Midhigander also!!Jim

  15. Someone above quoted William Shakespeare, so here is my thought on travel trouble of recent days:

    “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers ever, One foot in sea and one on shore, To one thing constant never.”
    ~Much Ado About Nothing

    To one thing constant never, about sums it up…Safe travels, Steve.

  16. Oh wow, Steve! Here’s hoping that everything from now on goes well!! Take it easy and we’ll see you when you roll out!

  17. I may never look at mom’s coffee maker the same because to get to that is a simple walk from the bedroom!

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