Howdy from Utah! Update…

Good Friday to everyone. We are currently sitting in line at the delivery location. Man, what a nice surprise this trip has been! I was fully expecting this trip to be run overnight because the original loading appointment wasn’t until 1130pm. Much to my surprise it was ready and waiting for us about noon so we were able to run this trip during banker’s hours 🙂

No next trip just yet, but we will see what happens as we get unloaded. As soon as I know what our next trip is going to be and our plans, I’ll let ya know.

Update… next trip is posted. We ran to the shipper in hopes it would be ready earlier that the 11pm scheduled time. Nope, it isn’t ready and they haven’t even started it yet. Since we started so early in Echo, Utah this morning for our previous delivery, we are running very short on the 14 hour clock. This looks like it will be an overnight run tonight. As soon as we get the call that the load is ready, we will begin our run towards California.