Let’s keep messing it up!

Ha! Ever since yesterday and the extra pallet of products,  things have been monkey’d up. Today our current trip has been given to us and removed multiple times.  Then we finally get to the shipper and think we are finally moving forward,  and we hit yet another glitch.  Currently we are on standby waiting for instructions on how to proceed.  Basically,  we showed up and checked in to load but come to find out, this load was originally scheduled to pick up last Saturday.  No driver ever showed up and nobody notified the shipper.  Now, we show up several days later and expect to get loaded? They are so busy with truckers that show up on time, they can’t fit us in. A new set of loading appointments will be required. At this time,  I don’t know if we will keep this trip or abandon it for something else.  Stay tuned to Bigrigtravels to find out! As soon as I know the new plan,  I’ll pass it on in the blog.