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Let’s keep messing it up!

Ha! Ever since yesterday and the extra pallet of products,  things have been monkey’d up. Today our current trip has been given to us and removed multiple times.  Then we finally get to the shipper and think we are finally moving forward,  and we hit yet another glitch.  Currently we are on standby waiting for instructions on how to proceed.  Basically,  we showed up and checked in to load but come to find out, this load was originally scheduled to pick up last Saturday.  No driver ever showed up and nobody notified the shipper.  Now, we show up several days later and expect to get loaded? They are so busy with truckers that show up on time, they can’t fit us in. A new set of loading appointments will be required. At this time,  I don’t know if we will keep this trip or abandon it for something else.  Stay tuned to Bigrigtravels to find out! As soon as I know the new plan,  I’ll pass it on in the blog.

16 thoughts on “Let’s keep messing it up!

  1. Wow Steve! I think the inmates are running the asylum at your company! Best of luck that this all gets straightened out to your benefit and I’ll stay tuned!

    1. It is the fault of the weekend bosses. Steve should have had this trip Friday night and picked it up Saturday afternoon. That would have left all day Sunday for the drive to London, KY for a early Monday morning delivery.

  2. Hope you get that trip back. I realize you probably won’t take the route on the Current Trip map, but I really enjoy driving through the farmland and small towns in that part of the country. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  3. If it isn’t one thing. it’s another. Keeps life interesting.

  4. Hello Steve this morning in paper read about trailer hauling load of frozen bagels caught fire and burned .Happened on I-69 near Rennslear Indiana.Articlle said driver forgot to release trailer brakes and trooper noticed smoke but by time trailer stopped fire engulfed and bagels toasted.Steve i want you to know i respect you and know this will never happen to you.Only things out of your control will through wrench into your trips—water in fuel as example and dispatchers not very good at planning So this too shall pass–Quote from Jim–Mash It !!!

  5. Why don’t you have a nice kitty onboard to play with, buy toys for, let her circle all the Chick-fil-A’s on trip maps, have roadcrew send her crayons & sunglasses & all that stuff?? More fun in ur daze. (Juss a thought.)

    1. Why don’t U quit spiking their coffee with your horrible cheap plant bio matter catnip.. U mischievous flea farm in a locust nest!

      1. ?? do you know who TK is?

  6. Wonderfurrrl idea TK! Plus Steve would save a local shelter pet when adopted 🙂 Of course he can always adopt a puppy dog instead that way he’d get extra exercise to have to stop to potty him! Or adopt both ha!

  7. Are you actually heading to Alabama after this trip

  8. After you delivered to Kentucky or are you actually heading to California

  9. The USA is a wonderful country. It can achieve all this chaos by itself, without needing a single Brexit.

  10. I think that mischievous flea bag of yours put katnip in their coffee again.

  11. Ah . . . CHOO! !!
    pardon me, I’m allergic to nuts

    1. 🙂 🙂

    2. At least Gremlin kat has a sense of humor 😀 Now go lay in Steve’s lap. he needs you tonight.

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