Tuesday night update

Well, we picked up our Preloaded trailer and checked the weight. We were over by 1,180 pounds on the rear and can’t move past the California 40 foot kingpin law. We went back to the shipper and sat in the door for two hours while they reworked their freight. We came back to the scales for weight check and now they are still 920 pounds over. We will have to go back again in the morning. We would go back now except we would run past our 14 hour clock. Long day and we didn’t seem to get anywhere. Now, there is no way we can make this delivery happen on time in California. Stay tuned. Will the third trip be the winning weight? Let’s see….

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Tightly spun

Howdy! We made our morning drop at the delivery and our next trip is Preloaded out of the same building. The release time of our next trailer isn’t until 4pm today. We checked hoping it was ready early, but no such luck. We will roll back to the shipper about 330pm but no broadcast until after we pickup because it is literally around the corner…

Just yesterday I posted in my Instagram a pic of a truck in the car section of the truckstop and the trucker was drunk. My point is this… don’t be afraid to look at your rear view mirrors when you are stopped at traffic lights and especially traffic jams. Watch the traffic behind you to make sure they too are stopping. If not, you just might save your own life by getting out of the way if it looks like they aren’t stopping! In this article you can also watch the truckers dashcam. Warning, not pretty. Don’t rely on others to always be paying attention!
Trucker slams into stopped traffic.

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