New Tractor

Howdy and welcome back to the trucking world. I got the keys to our new truck (new to us anyway) about 1am in Columbus,  Ohio.  We basically threw some stuff in the truck and crawled into the bed. We woke up this morning talking to the permits department to make sure we get any permits we needed,  Prepass,  and a bunch of things needed for the highway.  It is a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia with only 43,281 miles on it and the same general style as our 2016 but updated interior and much upgraded quality.  All the driver controls and gadgets are rearranged of course and we are learning it all.  It is one thing to come back to work after a month off but now we are also dealing with a new environment!

It is an automatic/manual as before and this one has a built in refrigerator to accompany our huge freezer! We did a test run today to retrieve an empty trailer from a customer in Streetsboro,  Ohio to bring back to Columbus.  We arrived but the particular trailer we are hunting for is nowhere to be found.  Hahaha welcome back to trucking Bigrigtravels Style!

We are currently waiting for the bosses to figure out our next move. Hopefully we will be Broadcasting Tuesday.  I will give a tour when I can,  but right now we have more pressing situations than messing with a “playtime website”.