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Howdy and welcome back to the trucking world. I got the keys to our new truck (new to us anyway) about 1am in Columbus,  Ohio.  We basically threw some stuff in the truck and crawled into the bed. We woke up this morning talking to the permits department to make sure we get any permits we needed,  Prepass,  and a bunch of things needed for the highway.  It is a 2019 Freightliner Cascadia with only 43,281 miles on it and the same general style as our 2016 but updated interior and much upgraded quality.  All the driver controls and gadgets are rearranged of course and we are learning it all.  It is one thing to come back to work after a month off but now we are also dealing with a new environment!

It is an automatic/manual as before and this one has a built in refrigerator to accompany our huge freezer! We did a test run today to retrieve an empty trailer from a customer in Streetsboro,  Ohio to bring back to Columbus.  We arrived but the particular trailer we are hunting for is nowhere to be found.  Hahaha welcome back to trucking Bigrigtravels Style!

We are currently waiting for the bosses to figure out our next move. Hopefully we will be Broadcasting Tuesday.  I will give a tour when I can,  but right now we have more pressing situations than messing with a “playtime website”.

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  1. Wow, very smart. Safe travels Steve, looking forward to being on the road again!

  2. You are saying “we” will you have a co driver ? Will be nice to have someone to talk to on the long hauls
    It is a nice looking rig you made a great choice safe travels

  3. Wow, very smart. look truck it a very beautiful color truck love it cant wait for video lol

  4. Looks really nice welcome back Steve looking forward to be on the road again with the whole crew!

  5. WOW, (our) new truck looks beautiful… excited for first trip/video;) Hope it will be comfy cozy home on your long drives,Steve!! And of course stable and failure-free tractor! Godspeed!

  6. The new truck is beautiful Steve. Love the color, and i bet it sure is pretty at night with the . have a safe trip and can’t wait to get on the road.lights. Have a safe trip and can’t wait to get on the road.

      1. You’re right and I did read the blog and now understand everything the life of a trucker is never easy

        1. And this was a case of not being the first one there for the trailer. That happens. A driver likely picked it up minutes before Steve.

  7. Congrats on the “new” wheels! Love the color as it’s also a step up in a way, from the generic white. Wishing u as much good luck as was with the 2016 🙂
    I wonder if the last post was a record with I believe 46 replies?!
    A happy belated birthday as well buddy!

  8. Nice looking Truck. Now you won’t be camouflage against the snow.
    Looks like the front end could use a couple of reflectors, because that color of truck does blend in with the roads.
    I have a car that color and oncoming traffic has a hard time seeing me.
    I do put on my headlights on 2 lane roads, which I hope helps some.
    It sure looks purty.

    Happy Trails! Bama1954.

  9. Thanks for all you do Steve…no hurry on the tour plenty of time for that just happy for you an the new truck …We ready to roll whenever your ready to let us ride

  10. Very nice looking Cascadia Steve. I look forward to more adventurous journeys around the country in it. Welcome back.

  11. This truck is just GORGEOUS! Love, love, LOVE the color and the blacked out grill and other black details. I’d take this over a fancy custom paint job any day. I hope you end up liking everything about it once you get settled in. Looking forward to trucking cams again! 🙂

  12. Loving that color. Enjoy the new truck, looking forward to the trips ahead. Hope you are still able to finish your personal to do lists before we get back on the road again.

  13. Steve,
    That is a nice looking truck!!! Maybe they’ll keep some of the logo’s off the truck so we can see it more. Anyway, I hope it is a great ride going forward.

  14. Congratulations on your 2019 truck, it looks great. May God bless all your travels in it. Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing vacation and thanks for having the road crew along.

  15. Wishing you many safe miles in the new truck. Looking forward to watching the live streams again.

  16. btw Looks like it will be possible to see both side-mirrors in live feeds… i like it!

  17. The new truck looks like a beauty. I can’t wait for the upcoming streams. Please take your time and make sure everything is good to go! Cheers to a new chapter of Big Rig Travels.

  18. Bummer, I miss the old truck. 🙁

    Joking! Sorry, couldn’t resist (hehehe). Decals already on or is that next?

  19. Hey Steve –WOW—-what a beauty!!! Now you need to change–Mash It— to Hi Ho Silver away–as the new slogan as you start up For my eye sight it looks like a real silver gem Happy for your being on road again God Blesss!!!

  20. Nice looking rig Steve, but that dashboard looks like it belongs in a passenger jet. Can we start calling you Pilot Steve or would people think we’re referring to a favorite truck stop of yours?

  21. I have a refrigerator & a kitchen sink the color of your new tractor. Am considering painting our fridge plain white, or underwater blue with coral & fishes & stuff so when I go in the kitchen I think I have a huge aquarium tank. Right now I think “asphalt” when I see it.
    We had a car that color once, ran headlights all the time before it was common to do so. Rainy & foggy West Coast days rendered that car invisible.
    We’re glad for your new wheels & new control cockpit. The best drivers (that’s you!!) deserve the newest, best equipment.
    Only can’t understand the logic of the company’s color choice.

  22. What a beautiful new truck! Hope it serves you well for a long time! Oh, and happy belated birthday, Steve — hope your special day was fun. Looking forward to the next road trip!

  23. They gave you a nice looking ride there Steve. Really like the steel grey color and the fact you’ll be cruising in a looker.. LOL at least to other trucks.

    1. Try adding blinker fluid. 😉 That should reduce friction which will quiet them down. Safe travels! Ed

  24. Hi Steve! The truck looks really good. Continue a good trip. I’m looking forward to accompanying you again as a spectator 🙂

  25. Ladies and gentlemen … and the maiden voyage destination is …. Pennsylvania!! Woo hoo 🙂

  26. Nice truck, Michaels… started missing your old truck yet. I know that during your vacation you kept asking if anyone had seen your truck. I guess you’ll get used to it. Have a good one Michaels.

  27. Fantastic-looking truck, Steve. I notice that the fender mirrors are a lot more substantial-looking. Makes the overall truck look tougher. Have a safe trip & enjoy the new ride!

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