Radio 3

Howdy! We just got off the air from our third episode of Road Crew Radio. It took a few attempts, but we managed to get it going. One problem we encountered was extreme buffering. Come to find out, my data plan puts hot spots at 600kbs once the cap is hit each month. We solved that problem by buying a year’s worth of wifi at Flying J truckstops so we won’t have the limited issues with the show. The caller audio was fine on my end but for some reason it didn’t reach the YouTube audio stream… we will look at that later. The show was saved though because someone mentioned just trying the speaker phone….so we did and it worked as a temporary and emergency fix. We also did a full review of my freezer/fridge and did an interview with Ken Laws. Good show overall.

We have to make our current delivery tonight then we will start our next trip that has two deliveries:) Stay tuned for details!

LINK TO Dometic Review Item: