UpDaTe – Finally Friday!

Updated…. Instead of getting to Effingham later and looking for parking that is free, we will go ahead and stay at the Red Rooster truckstop for free and head out first thing in the morning about 5:30am!

Howdy and welcome to the Friday! It has been a very busy day today since we made our delivery drop this morning outside St Louis then went to a drop yard to pickup a repower trailer for someone else, then drive the short 150 miles to make this delivery in Olney, Illinois. Not sure yet exactly when we will roll towards the next shipper since it all depends on how long this place takes to unload us. Either we will roll some tonight, or we will have to roll in the morning. The trip map, information, and trip journal are all updated to include this delivery. Looks like we finally get to break out to the West (or that way anyway)!