UpDaTe – Finally Friday!

Updated…. Instead of getting to Effingham later and looking for parking that is free, we will go ahead and stay at the Red Rooster truckstop for free and head out first thing in the morning about 5:30am!

Howdy and welcome to the Friday! It has been a very busy day today since we made our delivery drop this morning outside St Louis then went to a drop yard to pickup a repower trailer for someone else, then drive the short 150 miles to make this delivery in Olney, Illinois. Not sure yet exactly when we will roll towards the next shipper since it all depends on how long this place takes to unload us. Either we will roll some tonight, or we will have to roll in the morning. The trip map, information, and trip journal are all updated to include this delivery. Looks like we finally get to break out to the West (or that way anyway)!

8 thoughts on “UpDaTe – Finally Friday!

  1. One question about the latest trip, why would sugar cookies require a -1 degree F in the trailer? Most stores I am at leave them out at room temperature.

    1. From previous bakery plants, I learned they bake them, put on trailer while still hot, freeze them quickly so they maintain top freshness until they reach the stores.

  2. Steve; try to wake you up this moring in Mt.Vernon, to take you for B&G and coffee, but after knocking on your door you don’t come out around 8:00 sorry maybe next time.

    1. It is always best to send an email if possible. I mean, i had no warning, no way to plan, nothing. There is a difference between meeting while i am up and about and if I’m in bed relaxing in preparation for an anticipated long day ahead. Usually if I’m in the front seat or walking around the truckstop it’s good, but naptime or relaxing in the sleeper, I consider that nonpublic time 🙂

  3. Hey there 🙂

    Appreciate the lowdown yesterday on the reefer coil mechanism and learned something new. Must be just like my fridge at home, just on a larger scale! Looking forward to Denver. Oh yea meant to ask you also what you meant by the smile face truck stop

    1. Well, heck. Actually, the truckstop I stayed at used to have 3 smile faces as their logo. It was on the building and coffee cups. I noticed last time we stayed there they remodeled the store and removed all the old logos and replaced with a generic road sign symbol. I just tried to do a search for the old smiley logos but found nothing but the new one 🙁

  4. Hmmmmm – Maybe the emoji smile done went and sabotaged the truck stop just like it did your web site last year or whenever you had all the issues!
    So they too had to do away with the smileys. Ok – I’m acting goofy as its late and I just finished my taxes – goin’ bonkers!

  5. Hey Steve i can cerainly know the need for us to respect your sleeping time. I know with you delivering on schedule any meeting with you has to be at your convenience.As hectic as all your trips can be you sure cant lose too much time with road crew visits as much as i know for your part wants to .So for me i will plan when you are close to me and if it works out would love to say hello in person but i realize for that to happen would be my efforts not yours Keep On Trucking {and mash-it [

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