11 Years of Broadcasting!

Friday February 8th 2019 is our 11th anniversary! Starting right now, we are adding another feature page to the BigRigTravels website. If you look at the menu, click on the Trip Journal. AFTER each load is completed, we will add it to the journal so you can get a better idea of the places we have been, temperature settings, mileage, etc. You can sort any column as well as use the search bar for anything you like! The table unfortunately is not mobile friendly at this time, so it is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

Also, we made our delivery today here in Johnstown, New York a full 24+ hours early. We are currently waiting for our next trip to be assigned. Speaking of this truckstop…… this is the place we started testing out switching from the old original, laptop driven, snowman images to the newer, easier automatic snowman images directly from the phones! The below images are from the last of the old snowman way of doing things to the newer phone cameras:) Click each image for the full version, then click back in your browser.