Reata Travel Center in Sterling, Colorado

This travel center really isnt a truckstop, but it does have four truck fueling pumps. There is enough parking for about 5 trucks with not much room to maneuver. They are not open 24 hours so if you park overnight, you better get what you need before 10pm. Parking is free and since it is literally in the middle of nowhere, nobody will bother you. Good coffee with a few good creamers. Not much food selection, but they have pretty good steak burritos for a decent price.

American Flag

Good early morning to everyone. We started our day at 230am mountain time and made our way to the delivery in North Platte, Nebraska where we are currently being unloaded. As soon as we are done here, we jet off to a drop yard in Grand Island, Nebraska then drag that load right to this same location in North Platte. The good thing is we won’t have to sit and wait in the door but rather simply drop it. Busy day planned for us today.

Notice the big American flag waving at us? That was Road Crew member Lizzoid as we were rolling Eastbound on Interstate 70 near Palisade, Colorado. Hopefully next time the sun won’t be blinding us and we can get a better image. Many thanks to you Lizzoid!