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Good early morning to everyone. We started our day at 230am mountain time and made our way to the delivery in North Platte, Nebraska where we are currently being unloaded. As soon as we are done here, we jet off to a drop yard in Grand Island, Nebraska then drag that load right to this same location in North Platte. The good thing is we won’t have to sit and wait in the door but rather simply drop it. Busy day planned for us today.

Notice the big American flag waving at us? That was Road Crew member Lizzoid as we were rolling Eastbound on Interstate 70 near Palisade, Colorado. Hopefully next time the sun won’t be blinding us and we can get a better image. Many thanks to you Lizzoid!

14 thoughts on “American Flag

  1. When I woke up and remembered that Steve coming, I checked to see where you were…You were around Fruita and I had to decide quick what I was going to do…I ran out, started my truck, opened up my shed and got my flag and pole out…When I was ready to go I checked to see where you were and you were just east of Clifton…So I ran out the door got in my truck to leave and found the wind had blown my trash can over in the driveway…I moved that out of the way, speed up the street, ran two stop signs and drove up to the interstate…I parked my truck, got my flag out and ran up the embankment of the exit…As I was climbing the hill I saw a white truck go by and thought I just missed Steve…I kept going, when I reached the top I saw another truck coming but it had a black cab…That was not Steve but behind that truck was another white cab truck…When you got close, I started to raise the flag but the bottom of the flag came off the pole…I grabbed the flag and raised it just in time as BigRig drove by and honked…Steve thought I was standing on the bridge but I was just east of it on solid ground…Next time I will be more prepared…When Steve drives back west on I-70 he will lose the signal going into the De Beque Canyon, I will just have wait and guess when he gets through the canyon.

  2. hey steve did you no the Grand Island, NE is home too where the movie night of the twister where made but the town was called Blainsworth NE

  3. Well done Lizzoid there was a lot of effort needed for that wave. looks like Steve is passing that way again, we’ll be keeping an eye out for you 😀

  4. They got you on a little bit of dedicated service between Nebraska and Southern California I see. As for the picture.. All of us are Patriots at heart and we appreciate not only you serving our country, but continuing on with Americana which is trucking. I respect anyone who still remembers to stand up for a National Anthem and or respect those who took on a dangerous occupation and came back in one piece. Lizziod, you are a real Patriot my friend and if I ever see you I will walk up to you and shake your hand!

  5. Well done Lizziod! And hank you, I.d.k. if I would have thought of it when I eventually would get around to my similar idea. Now I can assimilate it into my plan. . .maybe, haha. But ironically I was THAT close to have a chance to say Howdy Steve outside of B.K. the other day but I got asked to help a friend after i’d already waited quite a time, ah well, at least he’s coming back once more, If anything I want to give a trail map to you Steve, I know the time will come to joyride, even if this week isn’t that same trip. Can I nominate a section for an offline video though, you have it all east and west but I haven’t noticed mile 85 to 55 yet. Thanks so much, its generous and noble that you do virtually two jobs for people for so long, but then again one might get bored if they never had co-workers to show anything to, you make it look easy anyhow.

      1. Oops ha I forgot to say because I was rushed for time. I 70 In Utah. Between exit for Emery and exit for Salina. Signal holds west and beautiful recordings in the San Rafael Swell recently but through all the videos that came up after typing “Utah” in the channel search I only found one set of videos in between and that was years ago, you were in a black Peterbilt back then.

  6. hi steve what up with the back and forth from CA and NE all about seems like the past 2 too 6 weeks we been going up and down the same freeway dos that not get old? i mean i no you go where they tell you but am hoping we can get some new trip has we have not been pass OH or TN yet this year so may be we can have a E coast run or some where past the mid W after the CA trip

  7. Lizzoid, that was funny & impressive. Not only are you a true patriot, but a good neighbor as well!
    Some folks won’t spend the time to pick up their own trash, much less take time to do it under pressing circumstances.

    It is ALWAYS that extra effort in life that gets anything done.
    Many entries in Columbus’s diary simply said, “Today we sailed on.”

    Its your American attitude I’m proud to see!
    I was on an Airforce Base yesterday. They had many signs painted like an antique flag, and one word dominated: “Unafraid”

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