Well we arrived at our shipper a few hours early hoping it would be ready. Nope, no such luck this time.  No sweat since it was scheduled to be released by 3pm. That would have given me 2 hours to roll out and get parking in Gary, Indiana again before we hit our 14 hour limit.  We waited and waited.  At the point of one hour left I ran in and they just finished things….at 530pm. Since the customer would not allow overnight parking on their property, and the total lack of truck parking or truckstops nearby, the only option we had was to run to Morris,  Illinois to the absolute closest truckstop. We rolled in the parking lot but went over our time limit by 2 minutes.  I hate that. Nothing I could do of course, but it still puts a red blinking notice on my electronic logs. The good news is I actually still have time to reach our delivery on time- but just barely.  Oh well,  let’s get dinner and crawl in the bunk as it will be another very early start again! 


Petro Truckstop in Gary, Indiana

Howdy! We had an early start this morning leaving Gary, Indiana and making our way to our delivery.  We have taken the country roads of US Highways 20 and 47 to get to our next shipper. Our load still has a few hours before it will be ready, but we went ahead and dropped the empty trailer and bobtailed to the corner 7-11 for lunch. It’s pretty windy around here today and later on, a big storm with lots of snow is expected. Since we will be driving through the heart of the heavy Lake effect snow areas, we might have quite a bit to deal with.  If it wasn’t for the high winds, I’d hop on the Segway and scoot around several of these ponds we passed.