Afternoon to y’all.  We got here to Laramie,  Wyoming and got fuel and checked our hours. Even though we just did a full restart over Memorial Day, we only have 9 hours left and will gain none tomorrow.  So, I figured the 455 miles we got done today is good enough.  Tomorrow we will drive the 9 hours or so until we have nothing left. Then, the next day we will only gain back 6 hours! The tricky part is with very few hours coming back when we need them the most, and our delivery being early on Thursday,  we will have to start each day earlier so that we get a full ten hour break completed by midnight on Wed night in order to use every minute of the 11 hours we gain back Thursday morning.  Depending on how much ground we can cover tomorrow,  we might have to ask for a repower. We just are getting extremely close on our 70 every single day this week. 

We took our break in Sidney, Nebraska and it was 85 degrees.  Here in Laramie,  Wyoming,  it is 64! As we rolled through the rain storm earlier, we did drop as low as 53! See ya in the morning!