The Armadillo

Welcome to Amarillo, Texas. Wait, what? Did we take a wrong turn? We were supposed to take US highway 54 through the back roads but looking at the traffic and conditions, the two lane roads were a total mess. Being well below freezing, back roads, night, I decided it would be easier to stay on Interstate 40. At least looking at the traffic and road conditions, they are in much better shape! True, it makes the trip 110 miles longer but better to stay on the big roads that get plowed!! Anybody remember the last time we did back road driving on unplowed roads? Check out this video a full 24 hours after a winter storm came through Friona and Amarillo. We sat on the bridge in Amarillo for two hours without moving!

Messy roads

Good morning. I sure am glad we stopped when and where we did. Sloppy roads and multiple accidents shut different places on IH40 down. Looks like Albuquerque is still getting pounded by snow. The temperature is rising so we will give it a bit to clean up and let all the trucks in a super hurry get out of the way lol


First recorded video from backroads of Utah the other day. Hate to say it but all five videos recorded that day has no audio. I just got done with testing and found out that if my bluetooth is connected, it trys to record through it….which means you can’t hear anything! I guess just add your own music?!

This video is Southbound on US Highway 89 coming into Arizona from Utah.

This one is Utah State Route 20 East going over the mountains from Interstate 70.


Evening to you all. Not a bad day today coming up from Yuma. Around Flagstaff is got chilly and the further East and North we go the lower the temperatures are dropping. I had planned on stopping in Milan about 40 miles down the highway but since it is getting wetter, and ice on the shoulders, and temps sitting at 28, I figure I would just stop here. There is no point in risking black ice at night for just 40 miles!  Hopefully, the snow in Albuquerque will be gone by the time we roll through.

Get a good nights rest and I should have some of those Utah back roads ready for you in the morning!


We just arrived in Flagstaff and we have to take our 30 minute break. It is snowing here but it might be too warm to stick. Looking at the radar, Albuquerque looks like a big mess!

The third

Well the first two pickups went pretty well, they took us as soon as we got there. Quick and easy loadings…until now. The final place is waiting on product so they can’t load us until tonight. So much for thinking I might get a headstart! The good news is this place has safe overnight parking for us! We already got food so we are good there as well.


Today has been and will continue to be busy. First, last night they took forever to unload us! They didn’t get done until a few minutes before midnight! We are working on being loaded at three different places in Yuma. We are in the door to the first one right now.. Then we will scoot over to the second and third before shutting down for the night. This trip will be as much driving as possible in order to make the delivery on time. It sure is very nice to have warm dry and sunny air on me for a change!


Welcome to Southern Arizona! We arrived early so we are parked in the staging lot until it gets closer to our unload time. It sure was a scenic run this morning and afternoon but it was slooow because of the mountains and us being so heavy. I hope we get unloaded quicker this time than last time!


Welcome to Page, Arizona and the Lake Powell region! We have to stop for the day since we are getting close to our 14 hours again. Tomorrow morning we will try out a new temporary road that is a detour to US89 that had the big landslide which made a big mess and tore up the road. Since there was not much of a signal for broadcasting, I did record five videos and almost four hours of some of the most perfect scenery! I am having trouble right now uploading, but I will try again after I eat! See ya in the morning!

Muddy flap

Morning! Well it has been a slow morning! We picked up our loaded trailer this morning and had one heck of a time getting the tandem pins to release so we could move the tires. I also noticed that the mudflaps were missing so we are getting new ones put on right now. After this, we can roll until we get tired!