Welcome to Southern Arizona! We arrived early so we are parked in the staging lot until it gets closer to our unload time. It sure was a scenic run this morning and afternoon but it was slooow because of the mountains and us being so heavy. I hope we get unloaded quicker this time than last time!

0 thoughts on “Hot!

  1. Two hours after our unloading appointment, we still are not even in a door yet! Can you say this looks like an all night wait???

  2. Well at least you are not Freezing, nor Snowed In.
    Hope you get someone to notice you real soon.
    Looking forward to those videos that you recorded.
    What I saw was really pretty scenery. But as you said “no signal” in that area. Hope you get unloaded soon, and have a good night.

  3. Evening Steve & RC. Gee you just can’t stay out of that cold weather can you. Hope you are unloaded soon and can get a good nights rest.

  4. Thank you! Thank You! for reply. Hope loading goes quickly at all 3 places. Be safe on the highway and I hope the weather gets better where you are going.

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