Still windy!

We found an empty trailer, got it a washout, and made our way to the shipper early. We have already checked in hoping they would take us early. I don’t think they will since they sent us to the holding pens!


Good morning. Our next trip is now posted but will not pickup until later this evening. I tried to turn down the load to take a 34 hour restart but they won’t let me. Tomorrow we only gain back two hours! The winds are howling hard around here at 40+ mph!! It is dang cold and I saw snow flurries! Looks like winter has finally arrived!


We made our delivery this morning. It should have been a live unload but turned out to be a drop and hook. OK, sounds good because we save time and don’t have to wait to be unloaded, right? Not so fast! The trailer we got empty is very dirty on the inside, has two bad tires and the reefer will not start! The on road repair folks told me to take it to truck stop and get things fixed but I just got another message telling me to take it to a different place! Ha! As soon as I figure out exactly what we are doing about this trailer, and where we go next, I will let you know! In the meantime I will be eating my three donuts and drinking some caramel apple coffee!

The plan as of now is to drag this trailer down to Rochelle, Illinois and let the shop there fix it. Then take out a better trailer and start our next trip. Since we started so early, I have no idea how they think we will have time! One step at a time. For now enjoy the ride to Rochelle!


Good Wednesday morning! I wanted to wake up about 4am but when I did I felt like one big concrete block that couldn’t move! Ha! So I went back to bed. Now I am up and we will start today’s run through the mountains of Virginia!  It looks like at some point today we will cross into some heavy rain…


We have come to a stop for the day. We had less than an hour on our 14 hour clock, so I figured we would not try to play “beat the clock” today. We stayed busy though with an early delivery and 150 miles of Virginia backroads, then dipped down into the Greensboro, North Carolina area then back into Virginia! We will continue on tomorrow with more nice autumn views!


Good afternoon y’all! We delivered this morning then we tried US Highway 29 again. This time I am pretty sure y’all saw the colors!
We are being loaded here in Danville and this place is quick. We will see how far we can get before our 14 hour clock runs out!


Well, not sure what to say. I was all proud and happy to show you folks about 200 miles of US Highway 29 as we rolled through the two lane roads of Virginia! I see that the protected script I use got stuck AGAIN! Not sure what I can do about it just yet. Remember, I have no way to tell if and when it works while I drive. I am going to have to come up with something. I can’t believe you missed out on some wonderful rolling hills with bright autumn colors and fantastic old farmsteads along the road.

We have our delivery very early tomorrow morning, then we start on our next trip! I hope you at least got to see something on the live video feed today!


Good Morning! Hope your Monday is going well. We are in our door to our first delivery being unloaded right now. When done here, we will be heading towards our final delivery in Virginia. It is way to early to be up and messing around! LOL

Remaining Road Crew items:  1 Medium Hoodie, 1 Large Grey Shirt, 7 Large White Shirts, 2 XL White Shirts…..

North Carolina

Evening to ya! We are done for the night in Indian Trail, North Carolina. We deliver tomorrow morning and that is only about 25 miles away. We grabbed the very last make your own parking spot! Long day today for sure. Now I need to work on seeing how many shirts and hoodies we have left, and sort out the orders:) I appreciate ya’ll. Here is your Sunday Video for this week! As of this posting, the only shirts we have left are as follows: SHIRTS- 1 GREY LARGE, 2 WHITE MEDIUM, 7 WHITE LARGE, 2 WHITE XLARGE and TWO Medium Hoodies. Sale price on the shirts is $21.00 (normally $28) and the hoodies are sale priced at $36.00 (normally $48). Free shipping in the United States. Email me what shirt size/type you want. Limited to what I have on hand/listed.