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We made our delivery this morning. It should have been a live unload but turned out to be a drop and hook. OK, sounds good because we save time and don’t have to wait to be unloaded, right? Not so fast! The trailer we got empty is very dirty on the inside, has two bad tires and the reefer will not start! The on road repair folks told me to take it to truck stop and get things fixed but I just got another message telling me to take it to a different place! Ha! As soon as I figure out exactly what we are doing about this trailer, and where we go next, I will let you know! In the meantime I will be eating my three donuts and drinking some caramel apple coffee!

The plan as of now is to drag this trailer down to Rochelle, Illinois and let the shop there fix it. Then take out a better trailer and start our next trip. Since we started so early, I have no idea how they think we will have time! One step at a time. For now enjoy the ride to Rochelle!