14 again

Well we got loaded and boy are we heavy in the back! I can make us legal but I really hate the trailer tires sitting so far back! We managed to make a delivery and a pickup and still get out of Atlanta but we have run into our 14 hour limit yet again. Ya know it sure seems like we hit that number an awful lot!! The good news is we don’t gain any hours tomorrow and will have enough to reach delivery then find a place to shutdown for a day! We don’t even have to get up at 330am tomorrow like we have been lately! This rain sure is nice. I’m gonna sleep like a baby!

The load lock saga continues. The place we loaded at opens, closes, and seals the trailer doors from inside the building. I put two load locks (the ones we just bought) in the back. When I asked if the loaders put them back after loading, I was told yes. Since it is already sealed, I guess we will find out tomorrow when we do unload! I did go on the dock to see if there were any laying around…nope