Good morning. We are currently being bounced around as they drive the forklift in and out of our trailer. Sometimes, I wonder if someone is going to drive right on through the front and land in my sleeper cab!!

It sure has been a zoo this morning. I will never understand how most grocery companies operate. I rolled into the delivery at the gate that I was told to go to. They told me I had to first check in at another gate and building. So, we turn around, drive down the street, and pull into the gate¬† there. Those folks told me to go across the street, park, and check in over there. OK we finally are at the correct gate. Then, I check in and get told to go back where I started down the street to find my door! No signs or anything to help guide a fella that has never been here before! Simple signs would really help out. Then of course you have to check in at the office by the dock doors. After that go find a lumped to hire and find out how much it costs to unload. Go back to the truck, register the check, then wait in line again to hand them the check…all before anybody even starts to unload. After they unload, you have to sit another two hours for folks to count and sort. Why don’t they do that on their time instead of mine? Lol.

It seems to me that almost every grocery company is unorganized. One place I love going to (nongrocery of course) has you arrive at their main gate, someone talks to you without you waiting in line, assigns your door, gives you a beeper, then you back into the dock. When done, the beeper goes off and you drive to the main gate. They hand you your signed bills there. So….how come more places don’t operate this smoothly?

After delivery we will be mixed in Houston’s morning rush hour. We will head to the Blue Beacon for a trailer washout then park and wait for our next trip. Since we started so early and we keep bumping into our 70 hour limit, we might not get a trip until tomorrow. We will have to wait and see how this unfolds!