Well,  our load was supposed to be preloaded at 1am on Thursday.  Then they changed it to 1am on Friday.  Now it is 930am and they still haven’t even started yet. The trucks are lined up on both sides of the street all the way back to the main road.  I have never seen it like this before.  I have waited 17 hours before and even waited as much as 24 hours. It looks like this place will beat the all-time record for me just sitting and waiting. Customer service has already made new delivery appointments but even those are in doubt until I can get loaded and out on the road.  This really isn’t what I had in mind coming back from my days off! If I had known about all this mess, I  could have enjoyed more time off instead of just sitting! 

As soon as something,  anything,  happens,  I will let ya know! 

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