Good morning from Wyoming!  We are trying to beat a winter storm that is literally just miles behind us bringing very high winds to the area and some snow. Since its daylight now, I think we will try another BigRigTravels YouTube Live show! We will not be broadcasting on Ustream for today but instead on the BigRigTravels YouTube Channel.  The good news is it will be commercial free while Live, but after the broadcast is done, or we get disconnected for an extended period of time,  it will automatically be archived for later viewing!  The archived videos will have ads which helps support the website.  We cannot play the radio while broadcasting Live on YouTube, instead,  you get their engine and road noise and perhaps the occasional singing outburst from me!

Anyway, let’s get ready to transfer to YouTube for another test. The same rules apply about when we roll through areas of no or low data signal, it will buffer the live feeds… Let me know what ya think.

Update… We are now parked and done for the day. We are only a few miles from the delivery and we will take care of that early tomorrow morning.