Wow, I am very happy with the way today worked out! We woke up at 230am and made our delivery in Atlanta on time. They had us unloaded in less than 45 minutes! Then the trailer was still very clean so we didn’t need a washout, not even a sweep out! We then ran right up to the next shipper and ran out of time just as we rolled into their parking lot! I asked how long to load me and they said two hours. Deal! Since I only took 8 hours rest last night, I had to stop and give two more in order to get more drive time back. We napped the required two hours then gained back five drive hours. They came out with the bills right on time! We managed to get a lot further down the road on this trip than I ever thought. Things worked out perfectly for us today. We pulled into this Pilot truckstop just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee with an hour and a half to spare! Nice easy day tomorrow for us as we only have 415 miles to go to the first delivery which takes place Monday morning. No alarm clock tomorrow! See you whenever my eyes open up naturally! Goodnight!

BTW, say hello to our Garden Kitty from Germany! Looks like its dinnertime!