Who wants to be my Guinea pig?

Well, there seems to be an issue with everybody at work getting and sharing the required paperwork for me to get back on the road. I think they call it “lack of communication”? I have done my part, but it has been an uphill fight to actually get driving! Everytime someone tells me I am good to go, I get an email or call from a different person telling me they didn’t get a form….:(

We will keep on top of things, faxing and emailing and calling all day tomorrow, but we might have to wait until Monday before things actually get all cleared up. I found out just today that my existing DOT card was voided and that I needed a new one!! That sure was a rush to get it done today!

In the meantime, I have been redesigning the Panorama website. I know it is bare-bones right now, but the idea is to make sure the testing is good and the panoramas work like they should. Once we find that out, I will add more and get things going. I am looking for if everything works on laptops, desktops, phones, iphones, etc. It would be good for you to learn more about the workings of the panoramas by visiting the tips and tricks link as well.

Sample Panoramas Testing….

Following these tips and tricks will give you the best views.

Let me know how it goes.