Where we are at…

Afternoon Road Crew!  OK, so we made our delivery lastnight and spent the night on their property . I was surprised they actually let us since they only had room for 4 trucks!  This next load was supposed to be preloaded for us yesterday and ready for us to pickup today. Well, since they didn’t have any empty trailers to load, they took our empty we brought in and we have to wait for them to load it.

On another front…. I have called my hosting company six times in 3 days. I have paid another $409 for two more firewalls and higher security for BigRigTravels.com. They continue to report to me that each time they check , they find absolutely no malware or problems with anything causing high CPU usage.  I personally have not seen anything out of the ordinary.  I agree this past week that out of 5,000+ unique daily visitors,  only about 10 are reporting issues . It is extremely hard to troubleshoot this because if something was directly wrong with the website,  everyone would see problems . Honestly , I am not sure what else I can do at this point . I do know that my hosting company says that it could be isolated to just certain regions and then the problem is with a relay provider. They have also notified several malware security companies that they are causing false positive malware reports with BigRigTravels.com and for them to audit on their end. If that is the case, they will remove us from their blacklist in a few days. This is all I can say at this point . If you continue to have problems , of course let me know,  but at the sametime, it doesn’t seem to originate from my servers but if anything does exist,  it is coming from somewhere else between my hosting company and the end user.

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