When it rains, it pours!

What a day so far! Well, we made our delivery just fine this morning and I mentioned that in the previous post. So, let me tell you what has been going on since then…

At this truckstop, next door there is a medical office that does CDL DOT medical certifications. Mine is due at the end of this month. Last time we were here, I wanted to get it taken care of but it was a Sunday and they were closed of course. So, after delivery we came back here and walked over there to get checked out and issued a new certification card for the next two years. All was good and I emailed the paperwork to Safety. It took several phone calls and three emails before they accounted for all the pages of the new forms. I didn’t hear back at all. I called again to see what the latest information was, and I find out that the doctor failed to fill out one block of information…..so I have to go back to that medical office in the morning to get that fixed and resend that missing page…. If they had mentioned it earlier, I could have taken care of it before they closed for the night!

Problem two- I tried to scan in my papers and when I plugged in my printer, it shows error message that says major failure, printer needs service. Unplug immediately! I tried resetting it but it is just trashed I’m afraid. Oh well. I got many years out of it and it does bounce around alot on the roads.

Problem three- I have a jetpack that I use to get the laptop on the internet. I turn it on and it shuts off after 30 seconds. Over and over. I keep trying to charge the battery but we will see how that goes. Usually, I can charge and use it at the same time.

Not sure why all these little problems all happen on the same day when I am trying to get things handled! So, at this point, we are sitting here until I get the medical paperwork solved! It should be first thing in the morning.