What a drive!

Howdy and evening to all. Today’s drive was full of adventures. Sun, wind, snow, ice, mountains, tunnels, and everything else. We even managed 571 miles today despite hauling 78,000 pounds up and down some steep mountain grades. There is even a rumour we had 717 simultaneous viewers as we rolled out of the Eisenhower Tunnel today. That would beat the all time record by one if its true. I will have to check the results which becomes available 48 hours after a stream ends.

We are still scheduled for a Friday morning delivery, so time is still short for this trip!

8 thoughts on “What a drive!

  1. It was indeed quite the drive! Loved every mile of it 🙂
    I did see at least 617 viewers at one time which of course is also impressive.
    Makes me wonder when I see total views for some of the YT videos why some are so much more
    popular than others. For example, one day ago the ride from Columbus to Elm Creek Nebraska was viewed
    almost 11,000 times, but yet the day before only had about 1600 views for the backroads of Nebraska.
    Interesting how some places vary so much from the other as far as popularity.

  2. I found your site and have been watching for a couple of weeks now. Most interesting. As I watch, I am hit by a couple of thoughts. Daily, most of us live our lives only within 10 or so miles of our homes. We just don’t think about or realize how BIG the USA really is. Yes, I have lived in Texas, California, Kentucky, West Virginia, and back to Texas, but daily my world is view is small. Your trips have been along roads that I have traveled many times, years ago. Thoughts and memories come back. The second thought is about the Interstate highway system. Back in the 1950s it was planned and started. What a massive project that was to plan, design, fund, and construct! Our lives are so much better today for our Interstate Highway System. Thanks, for sharing a part of your travels, take care.

  3. hi steve what is the game plan for the rest of the trip are we going to get re power ? what dos re power mean ? all so i was hoping you would be stoping for a pit stop at US 93 at loves has i wanted too see what they have done there since the last time we where in the area but oh well no big deal may be next time i hop they keep you in CA for the next few trip other wise if they send you back E get ready for some really cold weather with -50 below wind chills or colder from what i can tell from the model runs all so how do you like being in the warmer weather for once ?

  4. hi steve

    i noted on youtube that hafe of the video from today stream is not there when you hit today stream it may show 11:44:56hrs but then you hit play you only get 1:59:32hrs out of 11:44:56 of today video dos any one us have this issue or is it this me ?

    1. David because of length of video you tube will take a bit longer to up load you can now see it in full ,Its a you tube thing not a Steve thing .Hope that helps u out buddy

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